Fig. 2. Calibration diagram.

Using the tabulation, fasten a metered variable dc supply into the wattmeter according to the following diagram. Now

JI must be pointed out again that this power meter is intended for use either with 50£i coaxial line systems with low VSWR or with 50fi dummy loads. A coaxial line that is not "flat" (unity VSWR) or a dummy antenna that does not look like" 50fi, which is the case with most HF loads used at VHF or UHF, may cause distorted power readings. If you have doubt about your transmitter^ power output when using this meter, you should check it while using a known 50fi load rated at the transmitter's output frequency, I mentioned before that this power meter was easily adaptable to higher power readings. To upgrade the meter, the only change required is to insert the correct higher voltage pilot lamp having low current, long-life specifications. Suggestions for some of these are the following Dialco Lamps:

Max Power Level (Watts) 100 200 340 800

Part No, 24CS 48CS 60PSB I20PSB

Fulfy meets accepted SSTV standards. Compatible.

Now—unexcelled picture performance with exclusive-feature equipment of highest quality in which the most advanced SSTV techniques are expertly applied—SBE Scanvision. Here, carefully considered design has simplified operation to the point where the non-engineer radio amateur can have his SBE Scanvision monitor connected and start enjoying slow scan in just a matter of minutes.

Most of the many hundreds of SS TV'ers now active on the air agree that the full excitement and enjoyment of SSTV can best be realized only when a tape recorder is part of the system. Incoming pics are taped for future viewing on SS monitor—pre-taped pictures, scenes, l-D—can be transmitted. So—exclusive!— every SBE Scanvision monitor has a cassette-type tape recorder built-in--wired—ready to go and selectable with panel switch. Here is the ultimate in convenience,

Scanvision is conservative—reliable, with picture-proved circuitry and is all solid-state except for the scope tube in the monitor and the videocon picture pickup tube, heart of the SB-1CTV camera. Both tubes are standard types with predictable characteristics—not surplus-

High quality is everywhere evident—throughout, the to-be-expected SBE approach—fastidious— professional- The SBE Scanvision, SB-1 MTV Monitor, complete with casette recorder and SB-1CTV Camera with f/1.9t 25mm lens, connect with patch cabie to comprise a system. Units are also separately available.

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