Power Amplifier Brochure

A 20-page brochure that describes basic concepts and techniques employed in the design of transistor audio power amplifiers and 38 silicon power transistors specially selected for use as input, driver, output and overload-protection devices in such ampli fiers are available from RCA Solid State Division,

RCA Publication No. APA-550, "Audio Power Amplifiers," describes significant design features, basic cir cuit configurations, rating methods and stability requirements for transistor audio power amplifiers. The classes of amplifier operation and selection of the optimum class for a given output-power ievell are dis cussed, power amplifier drive requirements are defined and the effects of operating conditions on circuit design are analyzed. The basic circuit con

figurations used for audio-output stages are evaluated. The methods used for rating audio power amplifiers are compared and the power-output and dissipation capabilities of class B audio amplifiers are explained. The effects of changes in temperature, or large signal phase shifts and of excessive levels on amplifier stability and the techniques used to compensate for these effects are pointed out, and methods used to protect the output transistors against short-circuit load conditions are shown.

Anyone wishing to firm-up or expand their knowledge of audio amplifier design is invited to write for their copy of APA-550. Contact: RCA Solid State Division, P. O, Sox 3200, Somerville NJ 08876.


A new "super power" CB base antenna has been announced by Avanti R&D- Called the MOON-RAKER 6, it is a 6-eSement, dual polarity beam combining five sets of crossed dipole type elements plus a quad type reflector for better rejection and gain. Tunable gamma matching on both the vertical and horizontal elements handles over 2,000 watts of power!!), gets the lowest possible SWR, is said to provide excellent lightning protection and to be virtually trouble-free.

In addition to the exceptionally high power potential, Moonraker 6 specifications include 17 db gain over isotropic, 44 db rejection, 24 db side rejection, and 1.2:1 VSWR. Contact: Avanti Research and Development, 33 West Fullerton Avenue, Addison !L 601 Oh

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