Power Amplifier

ALL SOLID STATE, Absolutely no Tubes!!! Pari No: TPl 5010 and TPL 5010B {bMinearl

TPL's "Battery Saver" series of amplifiers are designed to replace the bulky high battery current TU8E AMPLIFIERS now in amateur and commercial service ¡rn the 14 to 30 MHz frequency range, TPL "Sattery Saver1 amplifiers are completely solid state, never require tuning, once adjusted, and can be operated tor hours on an automobile battery without running it down. This is the perfect companion fot commercial and amateur solid state transceivers in the 2 to 10 watt class. Power outputs ot 100 watts and more are acheived with no more current than some tube amplifiers require for stand by current. This amplifier is truly a dollar per watt bargain, $1.50 per watt of output to be exact, and a real battery saver.

Also available as accessories are a low noise receiver pre-ampiifier utilrzmg a MOS FET transistor, an AC power supply, a control head that measures RF power ouîput. DC voltage and turns the amplifier on and off remotely and a trunk mounting cable Kit

FEATURES: All Solid State, no tubes to ever replace or shake loose

Low Stand-by current, typically 5 ma. (a comparable tube amplifier would require 5 to 10 amps)

Low transmit current, typically 12 amps, (a comparable tube amplifier would require 25 to 40 amps,)

Absolutely indestructible; immune to mismatch, over drive and over voltage. Extremely compact:

No external cooling or ventilation required.

May be mounted anywhere; Trunk, under the seat, etc.

Many Accessories available; Trunk mounting cable kit, remote control/power output monitor, AC power supply and Bilinear receiving amplifier with MOS-FET transistor.

Jft ||AI 491 Riverside Ave.

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