Courier Mobile Mike

Fanon/Courier has introduced a newly designed handheld microphone - the Courier Model CMM-1, human engineered for maximum convenience and for best mobife sound quality. The CMM-1 Mobife Mike, now standard on all new Courier rigs, is sculptured to fit snugly into the palm of the hand, but can alse be gripped and held "paimdown*" "No-pinch" switching may be accomplished by the use of thumb or index and second fingers. Deep horizontal ribbing and extended edges act as acoustical barriers to background noise yet provide for the full use of directional voice sounds.

The CMM-7 Mobile Mike is constructed of high impact plastic in order to withstand shock and rough handling. It comes equipped with a standard doubie pole, double throw switch such as those used with most transceivers and with a coiled six foot cord. Wiring instructions are provided for use with equipment using other plugs and connectors or electronic switching, A microphone hanger is also included.

For further information contact: Fana/Courier Corp., 990 South Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena CA 91105. 213-799-9164.

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