Ghz Data Sheet Available

An advanced line of 1GHz transistors is described in a data sheet available from TRW Semiconductors, an Electronic Components Division of TRW Inc. The improved line features gold metallization and reduced pack age parasitics that increase reliability, gain and power output over devices previously available.

Devices in the 1 GHz series are rated for 1 r 3+ 5, 10 and 20 watts. Minimum gain at 1GHz is 5dB for the 1 and 20 watt devices and 6dB for the 3, 5 and 10 watt devices.

The new units are for use in the range 500 MHz to 1GHz and are intended for application in high frequency communications in aerospace, military and industrial equipment.

The 8 page data sheet provides complete ratings and electrical characteristics, package dimensions and representative power curves for each device. The data sheet also presents an extensive amount of applications information for circuit designers, including a discussion of metallization and reliability, input and output matching networks, and blocking and bypass capacitor selection. Schematic diagrams and parts lists are given for circuits used to derive performance data.

Further information and a copy of the data sheet are available from: Safes Manager, TRW SemiconductorsM 14520 Aviation Blvd., Lawndate CA 90260. 213-679-456 h

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