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The new CDR Ham-ll antenna rotating system has an important advantage over the older Ham M units in that the new control unit has a separate switch for operating the brake.

The inertia of larger antenna systems is a force that has to be consider ed. The sudden stopping of the brake action on the Ham M units put severe stresses on the rotors, the towers, the tower guys, the antennas themseives.

Something has to give eventually when repeated stresses like this are present. The new control unit permits the antenna to be turned and allowed to coast to a stop rather than slammed to a halt, whipping I he tower and beam around.

The amateur net price of the complete Ham It system is SI50, with the control unit being available separately for about S80 - and it will work with any of the Ham M rotors.


The life expectancy of a good ham mobile rig left unattended in a car on the streets of New York is about 20 minutes. In Chicago it is about 40 minutes - and almost an hour in Boston, on the averagj . It is prudent to make every effort to protect your investment, not only with some sort of alarm system, but with the best locking device you can get - something that wiM keep the rig in the car even if a burglar manages to get into it — and they can manage.

Keeps It Kit has a new bracket for your rig - a tamper-proof one. Normal tools such as screwdrivers, vise grtps, alien wrenches, etc., are ineffective against the mighty grip of the Keeps-It. Models are available for the SBEf the Regency, and the Genave so far - with more to come. The price is only $16.

Before you take this lightly, call your insurance agent and see if you are insured against the loss of your mobile rig - and to what extent -and how about the second and third theft? Lordy, they even rip The rigs out in parking garages these days.

Details on Keeps ft Kit are available from Jim Wallace K5SOY, Box 13249, Ft. Worth TX 767 18,

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