W Power Amplifier

This amplifier, designated Model 6100, employs six silicon transistors and six silicon diodes for years of trouble free service. Each amplifier comes complete with dc and rf cables, instruction manual and the final test data sheet, it is broadband so that no alignment is necessary, has balanced emitter transistors for reliability and is entirely solid state, including the antenna relay. It is rated for continuous operation and has reverse polarity protection as well as auto malic switching. It has provisions for remote on/off control and a built in power sensor. It operates from a 15 35W input in the 4054MHz range. There is an adapter kit available that can be installed in existing units for modification to linear operation. The amplifier also comes with a complete 1 year warranty. One of these amplifiers has been in use at 73 Magazine with excellent results.

For further information contact JM Comma meat ions, 101 's Washington St., Venice CA 90291.

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