Anon Letter

Who the (unintelligible expletive} hell do you think you are, impugning the IRS? That's a fine little collection agency, Buster. For example: I'm just a plain peon who never made enough in one year to fill a {unintelligible} San Clemente (unintelligible) pot, but the little guy means just as much to the IRS as you Eastern big shots and by goily they took time out to give me two complete audits. I couidn't ask for more attention! And when they found out my returns were straight arrow they gave me back my records.

They didn't even charge me anything for a!! the time it took, I was amazed that they would bother with me because I 've never had any invest^ ments or stuff like that - just a lousy paycheck and a lot of medical expenses. Made pretty dull reading for those people, but they didn't complain. No sir.

One time, years before the audits, they sent a message to me where I was hofed up in a littfe village on the Bering Sea teiling me that a U.S. Marshall would be confiscating all my property (!), and I was not to self anything or wipe my (untelfigible), etc., until further notice, I knew this was just a mixup so I sent them a wire advising them to (unintelligible) off. They did. I had claimed as a total and uninsured loss an airplane I had personally flown into hard ground at 60 degrees below zero near Gulkana, Alaska, We wrote back and forth about this, but as I said they just seemed to get more mixed up unti! I had to tell them to (unintelligible) off. I've never cheated them, and they haven't cheated me. I just wished they wouldn't waste their time on me. One time I talked things over with one of the ladies in their Seattle office and she was so nice I felt sad and disoriented. Just don't use my name.


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