g97.103 of Chapter I of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulation is amended to read as follows:

ยง97.103 Station log requirements.

An accurate legible account of station operation shall be entered into a log for each amateur radio station. The following items shall be entered as a minimum:

(a) The call sign of the station, the signature of the station licensee, or a photocopy of the station license,

(b) The locations and dates upon which fixed operation of the station was initiated and terminated. Ifappli cable, the location and dates upon which portable operation was initiated and terminated at each location.

(1i The date and time periods the duty control operator for the station was other than the station licensee, and the signature and primary station call sign of that duty control operator.

(2) A notation of third party traffic sent or received, including names of all third pailies, and a brief descrip tion of the traffic content. This entry may be in a form other than written, but one which can be readily transcribed by the licensee into written form.

(3) Upon direction of the Commission, additional information as directed shatl be recorded in the station log.

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