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Made by SIIL'HE, Tyr>e CML-ifh Oriyfinally used Toi Raytheon Marine enrrL Ex-i-ell^nt lldeltty, sensitivity. Gray moldt-H i>lHistic case, with red push-to-talk burton, With heavy-duty flexible cord, mounting sockei on back.


Termsi ;uid pn-htajtf: Rated: net HO Phflne Ordt-ra: Wakefield. M<m iftlTj Retail: 10-18 Del Carmine St., Wakefield, Mobs. yofl Water Street! C.O.d/S may PHONED

□ 20c CATALOG Fibtr Opto, 'ICs'. Semi s, pjm* MINIMUM ORDER — S4.0Q

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