231 15 element high performance beam. 17.8 db gain. Coaxial balun. Beta Match. Unidirectional. Boom length 28'. VSWR 1.5:1 52 ohm feedpoint. Extra-strength heavy wall commercial aluminum tubing.

267 Standard 1/4 wave ground plane. May be precision tuned to any discrete frequency between 108 and 450 MHz. Takes maximum legal power. Accepts PL-259. Constructed of heavy gauge seamless aluminum tubing.

268 For repeater use. Special stacked 4dipole configuration. 9.5 db offset gain. 6.1 db omnidirectional gain. Heavy wall commercial type construction. 144 thru 174 MHz. 1.5:1 VSWR over 15 MHz bandwidth eliminates field tuning. Extreme bandwidth great for repeater use. Center fed for best low angle radiation. DC ground. Complete with plated steel mounting clamps.

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