Lin Ears

NE540 70-Watt power driver amp $2.00

NE555 Precision timer 1.50

NE560 Phase lock loop DIP 3.25

NE561 Phase lock loop DIP 3.25

NE565 Phase lock loop T0-5 3.25

NE566 Function generator TO-5 4,00

NE567 Tone decoder MINI DIP 4.00

NE567 Tone decoder TÖ-5 3,00

NE5556 Dual 741 op amp MINI DIP L00

709 Popular Op Amp DIP 45

710 Voltage comparator DIP* 75

711 Dual comparator DIP 40

723 Precision voltage regulator DIP. 1.00

739 Low noise op amp DIP unmarked... 1.00

741 Op amp T0-5/MINI DIP 55

747 Dual 741 op amp DIP 1,00

CA3018 2 Isolated transistors and a Darlington-connected transistor pair..- 1.00

CA3026 Dual differential amp 4 LOO

CA3045 5 NPN transistor array 1.00

LM100 Positive DC regulator T0-5 LOO

IM105 Voltage regulator 1.25

LM30S Op Amp TO-5 2,00

LM309H 5V 200 MA power supply T0-5 1.00

LM309K 5V 1A power supply module T0-3,. 2,00

LM311 Comparator TO-5 1.75

LM370 AGC amplifier 2.00

LM330 2-Watt Audio Amp L75

LM1595 4«Quadrant multiplier 2,00

MC1536T Op Amp 2,00



The Hutson line of sensitive gate and regulai ewie ifiacs are designed \o be driven directly with |C and MOS devices These tnacs feature proprietary, void-free glass passivated chips and are hermenciiHy <rf»aled in TO 5 and Isotab packages.

lhes# 3-15 Ampere tnacs are available in voltage ratings from 50 to 400 Volts (VDROM) and in 3mA or 50mA 1 1 ratings* AM devices are tested at thuir upper operating limit I before shipment.

The economical and highly reliable trtac^i are the result of Hutsnn's advanced engineering and manufacturing technology, state of-the-art passivation materials and techniques and experience in switching device applications,

Hutson iriacs are bi-directional triode thyristors and may be switched from off-state to conduction for either polarity of applied voltage with positive or negative gaie trigger current, Tbey are designed for control applications in lighting, heating, cooling and static switching relays

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