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who got his license after you did. Secondly, although 80 meters is generally considered to be a good band for round table QSOs, and traffic handling, it is also one of our better DX bands, especially during the hours of local darkness.

The question is often raised as to just what the best antenna is for 80 meter DX work. The answer to this question will depend largely on what the particular amateur concerned can provide in the way of a mast, or supporting structure; an area, or space in which to erect the antenna; and the muscle power to complete the installation. These 80 meter antenna systems range in size and complexity from a simple "inverted V" 10 or 12 meters above ground (such as the one Gus Browning and I put up for his operation as W4BPD/LX) to the two element 80 meter cubical quad, 80 meters above ground at the QTH of Bob W5KFD in Houston, Texas,

It has been noted long ago that an effective 80 meter DX antenna is the semi-vertical type, and the quarter wave length vertical, or combinations of phased quarter wave length verticals are very good DX antennas also.

I have not mentioned any form of horizontal antenna in connection with working 80 meter DX. The antenna must be one which provides a low vertical angle of radiation to be effective for DX work. This fact rules out the horizontal antenna unless it is erected approximately xh wave above ground. Oh yes, you'll hear stations that manage to work some DX with a horizontal doublet only 10 or 15 meters high, but their DX signals will never be comparable to those of the stations with the low angle DX antennas.

It is always very difficult to put a value on how much a given station's antenna contributes to his signal, but Vd say that a ratio of 80 per cent antenna to 20 per cent power seems to be about right. I personally find I can work my share of DX on 80 with a power input of 100 to 200W.

If you don't operate 80 meters now, give

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it a try and find out how much fun you're missing. Like I said, it's my favorite band and it could be your favorite band too, once you get your feet wet. , . .W0SII

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