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Enclosed is a check for $3.95 for a copy of your 13 WPM Practice Tape, Your Amateur Radio General Class License Study Guide is very well done. Nine bills to take or upgrade is one thing, but to wash out a coupie of code tests at nine dollars a shot is to be avoided if possible,

Keep up the good work, you people have a fine magazine, QST said in April's, "It Seems to Us. . ." that of their sampling of amateurs from the Ca!fbookr "More than twice as many read QST regularly [66%} as read. . any of the rest and 57% rated it as their favorite. I suspect you have seen the article, and it looks like they have found out why amateur radio is in such a mess, though I am sure they don't see it that way. Five years ago ( was WN4GJL (God Jollys Loose), and a devoted League member. I found the projects very technical and costly, requiring "easy" to get things like gold plated P-C boards, etc. At the end of the year I didn't even try for a higher grade license. That may not be the League's fault 100%, but they did not help. 73 has got me interested again, and for that, I thank you all.

Edwin J. Jolly 8359 Alvord Street McLean VA 22101

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