Truly Great

I very much enjoyed "The Truly Great Ham" in March "73" The author has me and a lot of other hams right behind the old 8 ball. I can't wait to see the reaction to her next story (The Conventional XYL) when it is published. It is interesting that Laura takes such liberty at shooting down stray hams. Now for the awfui truth, Laura Sargent is herself a ham Mo longer can she say all those things about how weird hams are with a straight face. She has had her tongue in her cheek for so long that in another few months her face will become deformed, unless of course, she moves her tongue from one cheek to the other. (Turning the other cheek?} I can say all this and noi get sued for liable because I know her quite well. For 3 years she nursed me through C.B. and was there when 1 finally snapped out of shock and got my ham ticket, For this ) say thank you. Her call is WA7YUA.

Bill Sargent WA7UJH Phoenix AZ 85022

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