Kenwood's go every place , - . do everything transceiver

The new TS-520 is the transceiver you have wanted, but could not buy until now. It is a non-compromise, do everything, go everywhere 5 band transceiver for SSB or CW that performs equally well at home, in an automobile, airplane, boat or trailer. The TS-520 features built-in AC power supply, built-in 12 volt DC power supply, built-in VOX with adjustable gain delay and anti-VOX. The price $629.00

R-599A Receiver

The R-599A is the most complete receiver ever offered. It is solid state, superbly reliable, small and lightweight, covers the full amateur band ... 10 thru 160 meters, CW, LSB, USB, AM, AM.N and FIVL

The T-599A is mostly solid state . . . only 3 tubes, has built-in power supply, full metering (ALC, Ip. RF output & high voltage), CW-LSB-USB-AM operation.

T-599A Transmitter

Please call or write for complete specifications. Also available at Kenwood dealers throughout the U.S.

11240 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90064 213/477 6701

931 N. Euclid, Anaheim, Calif. 92801 714/772-9200

Butler, Missouri 64730 816/679-3127

Prices subject to change *rEhput notpce

Today when you ask "How can I modernize imy SSB operation?", the answer certainly is KENWOOD. The deluxe TS-900 transceiver, the superb, go-anyplace TS-520 transceiver and the versatile R-599A receiver and T-599A transmitter offer today's amateur advanced design, reliable solid state performance, contemporary styling- - - and the cost is modest. Now more than ever the answer is KENWOOD.

A month or so ago FR7ZL/T was active from Tromelin Island (in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean, north of Reunion Island). The operator was Guy, who was having a heck of a lime handling it all. He finally gave up and just pulled the switch. A few fellows suggested to me that he could have certainly used a "MC" or at least someone to make up a list for him to work by - or something!

It's nice to sit back over here and suggest such things, but you have to remember that some fellows don't want help from anyone. This is a good attitude for a DX station to have if he can handle the situation. I would suppose that since he was inside the USA portion of the band that he was stuck with transceive operation only and when you can only use transceive (working the fellows on your own frequency}, then you do have a problem. Especially if English is a strange language to you. Also sometimes, on top of this, certain DX stations couldn't care less whether or not they work USA stations. In other words you need them but they don't need you! This is bad for the fellows back here that need Tromelin Island for a new country. Then there still exists the problem of getting the QSL card if you are lucky enough to work that elusive one. i guess that's why most DXers would much rather work a DXpedition who has a good QSL manager to handle his cards, h doesn't do too much good to work a "new one" and never get a QSL card.

i suppose many of you have heard of the untimely death of Hersh W5ZD. He was a DXer who knew his way around when it came to DXing. He had many, many friends and was always right in there handling some DX net or acting as a MC for a DX station. He was always glad1 to help anyone get a "new one" if possible and he was always loud, even overseas. He will be sadly missed in the DX world by all of us.

Another very well known DXer passed away a few months ago, Van WA9HUZ. He was very interested in DXing, especially in working the rare ones on 40m. His signals on 40m were always very good, I suppose he had a FB location or antenna or both for 40m I so welt remember that when I worked VAn from some rare spot when f was on 20m, his first question was, "When on 40m, Gus?" and when I got on 40m he was usually the first one I worked. A good DXer, many of us will miss his fine DX work,

WTW Contest

That s right, we are going to have a DX contest. Our contest will be different, The contest will run 48

hours (non-stop) starting Saturday morning (GMT), which is 7PM EST, Friday night on the east coast, Starting time is 0001 GMT, October 19, 1974, and it ends at 2359GMT Sunday night October 20, 1974, The scoring system in our contest is very simple: work as many DX stations as possible, each contact will count as 10 points (any band, any mode, no QSL required - your word is OK with us -but we want to see a copy of your log. And, if, you work too many stations I hat no one else has worked we will be very suspicious, and we may pubfish the list of those certain "suspicious contacts" and everyone wiil know about you! Be careful Ole Buddy, please. The exchange with each station should be his call, contact number and report combined, such as 001579 (for your first CW contact) or if it's phone (SSB, SSTV, etc.) the number exchanged couid be something like this: 00158 for the first contact (contact number 001-signal report 5/8), and that's all. Next we want his "handle " on each exchange (only QSO number, signal report, combined, and handle is total exchange). Your multiplier (each country) is 10 for each country. Any piace that any national society or association or league calls a "country" is what we will call a country. You might check this part very carefully, because there is a good many places that others (than ARRL) call a country — such as European Turkey, Asiatic Turkey (by WAE?). The DUF counts the island of Ste, Marie off the coast oF northeast Malagasy Republic, Also, don't overlook rhat our WTW list includes such spots as the Isle of Europa and Juan de Nova as separate countries. Also, we count Tristian da Cunha and Gough Island as separate countries. We will count any island that is over 100 miles from its nearest neighbor as a new one, These will give you something to more or less go by in doing your calculating on your scores in our WTW DX Contest, Just calf CQWTW if you are one of these CQ callers! Please broadcast this contest to everyone you can, we would like for it to be a good, active one.

Since it is being announced rather late in the season we will need all the publicity we can get. We are going to have a WTW Contest every year from now on. So how about helping us get started off with a good loud "bang?" Ail scores should be received by me no later than Christmas day, December 25, 1974, and all the scores wj3I be published in 73 Magazine a month or so after that

I promise all of you that next month I will have a list (up to date) of our WTW DX areas (forget the word country). And, also a complete (as far as possible) list of our all new Super WTW DX areas. I will also be printing up these lisls for you to use in your score keeping and other records. You will be able to use them when you send your WTW or Super WTW in for mation to us. You keep one copy for your records and we keep one to add to when you submit new ones to us. You can start working on your scores right now because the regular WTW scores are for al) contacts after 0001 GMT, May 1, 1966 and the Super WTW all contacts after 0001 GMT, January 1, 1960. Dig up those DX cards that DXCC will not accept as a new country (it is possible we wiil count them). We want you to be happy and we want you to have a big total!

Anytime any of you write me please be sure to send a SASE tf you expect a reply to your inquiry. I try to answer all letters received, but sometimes it may take a little while to do this.

Lots of fun fellows messing around with these little ICs. Better try your luck with them and try to team what they are all about and what they can do. Try making a few "printed circuits" fellows, They are a lot of fun and if you draw them out right, mount the parts in the right holes and solder correctly, the "gadget" will work the first time you apply voltage.

Anytime in the line of DX, DX ideas, DX working, sunspot stuff, DX antennas, DXpedition information, etc., is always needed here. Please remember us when you come across anythingthat you think would be of general interest to other DXers. This is your column and I want it to please as many of you as possible.

That's it for this month.

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