GENAVE GTX-600 A Brand New 6 Meter Transceiver

As the two meter FM band fills up in most urban areas, repeater groups have been looking around for other bands to populate. Some have gone the 220MHz route — particularly now that Clegg has been delivering 220 repeaters - while others have been going to six meters.

The fact is that six has a whole lot to recommend it. The ground wave coverage on six is a lot better than two meters, with many repeater groups finding it up to half again as good in distance. Then there is the matter of band openings - they do happen on 2m, of course, but not with the regularity found on 6m+ There is something wonderful about driving along in the car working one station after another over a 1500 mile path. From New Hampshire via the several New Hampshire 6m repeaters, contacts with Florida and the other southern states are very common.

Now, to get to the Genave rig - it is smafl enough to easily fit in the car runs all the power you'll need for most applications — not that you can't add on one of those TPL amplifiers. But 30 watts is adequate. It has ten crystal controlled channels and comes with the national simplex channel all set to go - 52,525 MHz.

Genave, which makes a tor of stuff for aircraft, has put the special circuits into the 600 to keep down harmonic emission (so you won't be wiping out television for miles around as you drive).

Not bad for $309.95, eh? For details write: Genave, 4141 Kingman Drive, Indianapolis IN 46226.

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