Q] Basic 5 WPM Code - this cassette code course will teach the IMC at five words per minute, all letters, numbers and punctuation. The tape not only gives all these characters, but gives them in a very simple order so you can start copying code within one minure of hearing it. This has got to be the easiest way to learn code ever invented. The cassette actually has the code being sent at 6 WPM , allowing a margin for operator panic when the chips are down and the real exam is at hand.

Basic Code S WPM - 60 min. S3.95 6 WPM Practice Tape - (also to stop translating the dits and dahs, and go to an automatic re^ cognition system where you "know" wtiat the character is without thinking, thus enabling you to pass the general or advanced code test. This very nasty tape is really at 14 wpm, to give you that added edge when taking the exam,

known as The Back Breaker) this is a toughie - five character code groups sent in no particular order, so there is no way to memorize The tape. It is sent at six words per minute to give you that margin for error you'll need when faced with a stern examiner at THE EXAM. Practice in your head or on paper wherever you are, whenever you have a minute or two.

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