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tt$e 30 additional channels from I <14,12 to 141.99 at id still cooperate with the plan. The 2 -meter IJX em and sidebonders might not consider all this as cooperating with them, however,

To avoid intermodulation and other r 1 -type problems, I would suggest taking one line per area (02, I 7, 32, 47, etc.) for use. Thai is, Sacramento use one line, Stockton another, Modesto a third, and so on,

I can visualize the situation getting lo be like lhe AM broadcast band in a few years with the low-level machines, high-level machines, etc., all demanding room and some QRM protection. The broadcast band is divided into three types of channels (clear, regional, local) for service to the intended geographical areas. If the amateurs can work something out by cooperating with each other it will forestall the day when the government and Mr, Walker will step in and take care of the situation for us,

I have found one location where monitor ing 94 can be fun. That's Winnemucca, Nevada. There are three (3) licensed amateurs there, W7jZ says he can monitor the frequency all day and hear only a few voices from time to time as people drive through town and mash down on the PTT to see if anybody is around. After a 10-minute QSG, the mobile has driven out of range, Joe says you meet a lot of interesting people that way* . - .WA6CPP

How to win the fist fight... with CW equipment from HAL.

The economical HAL 1550 keyer.

The easy-to-use 1550 keyer is your answer if you're looking for an electronic keyer that lets you send accurate CW effortlessly. Send from 8 to 60 WPM with conventional, iambic, and dot memory operation Operates with dual orsingie lever keys.The optional 1550/ID automatically sends iJDE" followed by your station calL For fast, accurate CW. order the HAL 1550/ID or 1550 today.

Price: 1550/ID, $95; 1550, S75; ppd USA. Air shipment, add $3.

ID-1A repeater identifier. Commercial quality, low price.

The HAL ID-1A brings the radio amateur a commercial-quality repeater identifier that complies with FCC ID requirements. It has a unique read-only-memory that you can easily reprogram yourself, Capacity of the ROM is 39 dots, dashes and spaces. TTL IC's assure immunity from noise and temperature, ID inter-vats available: 3,6,12 or 24 min. Specify call.

Send perfect CW every time with the MKB-1.

A complete Morse keyboard. Code speed variable from 10-60 WPM with variable dot-to-space ratio (weight). All solid-state, featuring computer-grade components- Complete alphanumeric and punctuation keys, plus an optional 'JDE-call sign71 key factory programmed for you, includes built-in speaker/oscillator monitor.

Price: $290 Assembled, $199 Kit, ppd USA. Without ID, $250 Assembled, $170 Kit. Air shipment, $5,

CW—and RTTY on one keyboard! The HAL DKB^201(h

All solid-state. Type out CW at 8-60 WPM, Adjustable dot-to-space ratio (weight). Complete alphanumeric keys, plus 11 punctuation marks. Five standard two-character keysT 2 shift keys, break-for-tuning key, 2 three-character function keys, and a "DE-ca!l sign" key. We'll program your call right into the DKB-2010. Plus complete RTTY capabilities. Built-in three-character buffer. Optional 64 or 128 key buffer also available.

Price: $425 Assembled, $325 Kit, ppd USA. 64 key buffer $100,128 key buffer $150. Air shipment, $10.

HAL Communications Corp. Box 365. Urbana, Illinois 61B01 Telephone; (217) 359-7373

Enclosed is S

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