Hickok Model 440 Manual

the Vtilue Innovator

Model 440 Semiconductor

Curve Tracer Featuring Exclusive INiSTA-BETA display

There s no faster more accurate way to test semiconductors in or out-of-circuit than with the Model 440 it generates instant scope displays showing the exact performance of any diode, transistor or FET over its entire operating range. From these actual characteristic curves you can quickly test, identify evaluate, ctassify and match devices . . find substitutes , „ . iroubleshoot defective modules on the bench or production lime . . . and design circuits to tighter performance specifications. In industry n's invaluable for checking and sorting incoming bulk stocks and tor on-line testing, quality control and final inspection (even unskilled operators can be trained in minutes to make specific tests with the Model 440) Service and lab technicians, electronics instructors and hobbyists will welcome the versatility, accuracy and ease of operation of this instrument. In short, the Model 440 is an extremely versatile design, inspection, troubleshooting and teaching ajd.

• Exclusive INSTA-BETA mode permits direct measurement of transistor DC and AC Beta

* Displays FET transfer characteristics showing Vp* IDSS' ar|d Gm in a single curve (INSTA-BETA mode)

• Variable step control for 1 to 10 steps

* Horizontal V/DIV control — no recalibration needed to measure diode drops accurately

• Easy to set up and operate — handy pull-out card gives ready reference information for calibration, set-up and operation

• Automatic current limiting

• Compat+ble with all scopes having external horizontal input (DC coupfed scope recommended)

INSTA-BETA display- this single, continuous Iq/'b display lets you instantly calculate DC and AC Beta at any po<m, shows Beta linearity at a glance (NPN curve shown),

Full range transfer cu*ve shows the pinch-off point, fulf-on current and entire active portion of an N - Channel FET (INSTA-BETA mode).

Standard (NORMAL! display of g Good N-Channel FET

Standard NORMAL) display oí a PNP transistor showmg breakdown,

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