Heathkit Oscilloscope

Heathkit Oscilloscope Kit

U.S. Cillbook

EDM26 12,95*

DX C^lltJODk

Amateur Tests and Measurements—te 11$ in simple language how to mak* all necessary performance tests i adjustments, on transmitters, receivers & antennas. EDP-119, 5.50'

73 Difiolre and Long-Wire Antennas — includes Ú;mentions confie¡^rations, construction & measurements cíala for 73 different antennas,

73 Vertical, Beam and Triangle Antennas - conla.ns ron struction. design & measurement data on practically aH type5k oí .inlennas used by amateurs,

ARftL Antenna Handbook

Heathkit products are the result of a quarter-century of kit engineering experience

A) Heathkit 1 kW Amplifier...299.95

Probably the most popular linear on the market...and no wonder. Delivers a full 1200 W PEP SSB input..A kW on CW.

Kit SB-200, 50 lbs., mailable 299.95

SB-200 SPECIFICATIONS — Band coverage: 80P 40, 20, 15 & 10 meters. Maximum power Input: 1200 W P.ESSB, 1000 W CW. Driving power required: 100 W. Duty cycle; SSÖ, continuous voice motivation; CW 50% (key down time not to e*ceed 5 min.). Third order distortion: 30 dB or better at 1000 W P.E.P. Output impedance; 50-75 Ohm unbalanced; variable pi-output circuit. SWR: not to exceed 2:1. Input impedance; 52 ohm unbalanced; broadband pretuned input circuit requires no tuning- Meter functions] 0-1Ü0 mA grid current, 0-100 mA pJate current, 0-1000 mA plate current, 0,1000 relative power, 1:1-3:1 SWR, 15ÜÜ-30ÖG voJts high voltage, Front panel controls: Load; Tune; Band; Relative Powei Sensitivity; Meter Switch, Grrd-PJate-Hel. Power-SWH-HV; and Power Switch, on/off. Tube complement: Two 572B/T-160-L (in parallel). Pflwer requirements: 120 VAC @ 16 A (max.), 240 VAC @ S A (max.). Cabinet size: 6W H x 14%" W x 13W D.

F) Heathkit RF Load/Wattmeter...59.95

Every ham should have a dummy load and a wattmeter in the shack, and now you have both in a single piece of gear A husky 50 ohm non-inductive load resistor handles 175 W continuous, 1 kW intermittent.., I ess than 1,2:1 SWR from t.8 to 30 MHz. High-temp lamp & lamp test circuit. Meter ranges of 0-200 & 0-1000 W, ±10% FS accuracy.

Kit HM-2103, 6 lbs., mailable 59.95

HM-2103 SPECIFICATIONS — Frequency Range: 1.8 to 30 MHz. Wattmeter flange: 0-200 and 0-1QQQ. Wattmeter Accuracy* ±10% of full-scale reading. Power Ratine; 175 watts continuous, 1000 watts maximum. Overload Indication: Thermal switch actuated (requires 9 volt battery, NEDA #1604), SWR: Less than 1.2:1, load Type: Noninductive. Load Impedance: 50 ohms nominal. Connectors: UHF type SO-239. Dimensions: 6" H x 5 Wf W x 13 W D,

B) Heathkit 2 kW Amplifier...449.95

This is the one that made history when we announced it...and it's easy to understand why. A pair of Eimac 3-500Zs in grounded grid deliver up to 2 kW PEP SSB input...a full 1 kW on CW and RTTY. Requires just 100 W drive for ffjlt output. Pretuned broadband pi-input provides maximum efficiency and minimum distortion from 80 — 10 meters. Features include a husky built-in solid-state supply that can be wired for either 120 or 240 VAC.,. bui)t-in circuit breaker protection...Zener diode regulated operating bias to reduce idle for cool running, longer tube life,. Jan cooled, well-shielded final compartment. ..complete metering facilities. Another example of what happens when ham products are designed by hams...the Hams at Heath. Gef your 220 today.

Kit SB-220, 70 lbs.,, mailable 449.95

SB-220 SPECIFICATIONS - Band coverage: 80, 40, 20, 15 and ID meters. Driving power: 100 W. Ma*, power input: SSB, 2000 W, F.E.P.; CWr 1000 W.; RTTY, 1000 W< Duty cycle: SSB, Continuous voice modulation CW, Continuous (maximum key-down 10 minutes), RTTY, 50% (maximum transit time 10 minutes). Third order distortion: -30 da or better, input impedance: 52 ohm unbalanced. Output impedance: 50 ohm unbalanced; SWR 2:1 or [ess. Front panel controls: Tune, Load, Band, Sensitivity Meter Switch, Pow&r CW/Tune — SSB, Plate meter, Multi-meter (Grid mA, Relative Power and High Voltage). Rear panel: Line cord, circuit breakers (two 10 A). Antenna Reiay (phono). ALC (phono). RF Input (SO 239), Ground post. RF Output (SO-239). Tubes: Two Eimac 3-500Z. Power required: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz at 20 amp. max, 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz at 10 amp, max. cabinet size: BW H x 1W W x D.

C) Heathkit

Audio response is shaped from 300-3000 Hz for optimum sideband reproduction. Eight ohm Z matches most gear. Large 6Vz" H x 10" W x 10V2" D cabinet provides mounting space for any HP-23 series supply. Gray and green styling matches the SB line.

Kit SB-600, 7 lbs., maifabfe 22.95

G) Heathkit VHF Wattmeter..,34.95

A VHF wattmeter at this low price? WelJ, that's what happens when your engineering department is populated with VHF tans. Power ranges of 1-25 & 10-250 W F3 ±10%, 50 ohm nominal Z for minimum loss. Built-in SWR bridge with adjustable sensitivity.

Kit HM-2102, 4 lbs*, mailable 34-95

HM-2107 SPECIFICATIONS - Frequency range: 50 MHz to 160 MHz. Wattmeter accuracy:

-±10% of full-scale.* Power capabifity: To 250 W. SWR sensitivity: Less than 10 W. impedance: 50 ohms nominal. SWR bridge: Continuous to 250. Connectors: UHF type S0-239. Dimensions; 5W W, hW H and D, assembled as one unit *Using a 50 £2 nonmductive load.

H) Heathkit Wattmeter/SWR Bridge...34.95

Two switch-selected ranges: 10-200 & 100-2000 W...built-in SWR bridge with adjustable sensitivity-..negligible insertion loss in 50 ohm line. Remote detector permits placement of meter in any convenient location ,. < 6 ft. of cable supplied.

Kit HM-102, 4 lbs., mailable 34.95

HM-102 SPECIFICATIONS — Frequency range: 1.8 to 30 MHz. Wattmeter accuracy; ±10% of full-scale reading. Power capability; 10 to 2000 watts. Impedance: 50 ohm nominal. Connectors: UHF type SO 239. Dimension 5W H x 2W' W x 6Va" D.

I) Heathkit Coax Switch...9.95

Switches an RF source to any one of several antennas or loads; unused outputs grounded. Use two to switch up to four different transmitters, receivers, etc. 1.1:1 max SWR to 250 MHz. 2 kW PEP max power rating.

Kit HD-1234, 2 lbs., mailable 9.95

D) Heathkit Spectrum Analyzer...149.95

Provides 10 and 50 KHz sweep widths for single signal analysis... variable sweep to 100 kHz for 455 kHz IFs to 500 kHz above 1 MHz, Both log and linear displays. Operates with common receiver IFs up to 5.2 MHz. Gray and green styling to match other SB-series gear... SW H x 10" W x 10Y2" D. Not for use with SB-104,

Kit SB-620, 15 lbs.t mailable 149.95

E) Heathkit solid-state Dip Meter—more performance at big savings.,.59.95

Another Heath value triumph — a better dip meter at lower cost. The "olpitts oscillator covers 1,6 to 250 MHz in fundamentals with a ViOS-FET paraphase amplifier and hot-carrier diodes for more sensi-ivity and a better dip. It uses a Q-muJtipj]er for greater detector sensitivity and a responsive 150 pA meter movement for positive 'esonance indications. It includes a phone jack for modulation mon-toring, It's smaller and lighter than others. And it's a whole iot less ixpensive,

Completely portable. Whether you're checking resonant frequencies, adjusting traps, iooking for parasitics, or using it as a signal generaorT the HD-1250 is designed to go anywhere. It fits your hand and :hanks to its solid-state design and 9-volt battery operation, it's ready :o use instantly wherever you are. The custom molded gray carrying ;ase protects the meter and the 7 color-coded, pre-adjusted, plug-in ;oils in transit, and makes a handy storage place.

Build it in one evening. Nearly everything mounts on two circuit boards. And when you finish, you'll have the best dip meter around — or a lot less money,

<it HD-1250, Jess battery, 4 lbs,, mailable 59.95

J) Heathkit hybrid Phone Patch... 36.95

Individual rcvr-line & line-rcvr gain controls; VU meter 30 dB isolation. Matches 3-16 ohm speakers & hi-Z or 600 ohm inputs. VOX or PTT. H x 9V4" W x ZWf D.

K) "Cantenna" dummy load,,4 3.95

1 kW max input- 1.5-300 MHz w/SWR 1.5:1 or iess. Oil not incl.

L) Heathkit Relative Power Meter „. 15.95

100 kHz — 250 MHz range; 0,3 V rms sensitivity; magnetic base.

M) Heathkit Mobile PTT Mike...10.95

Rugged, hi-Z ceramic mike ideal for mobile work. With cable, less connector. Excellent for "single banders.11

N) Heathkit Mobile Speaker,..12.95

8 ohm speaker in rugged steel cabinet. Gimbal mount included. S11^ W x AYawHx2Yz" D.

Heathkit SB-104 Series...our most

4510 Circuit Boards

Completely solid-state design ... including the finals, Over 275 solidstate devices, including 31 integrated circuits. The SB-104 output board and final transistors ire warranted for one lull year

Heathkit SEM04 Amateur Transceiver

Probably the world's most advanced amateur transceiver— totally broadbanded, completely solid-state, true digital readout and much more. This transceiver is the standard others will be judged by for years to come.

Totally broadbanded. You can go from CW on the low end of 80 to USB on the high end of 10 in just seconds — and with perfect tune. At last, instant QSY. Just choose the band, dial in the operating frequency, select your mode and go - no more preselector, load or tune controls,

True digital readout with 6 easy-to-read electronic digits provides resolution down to 100 Hz on ait bands. There's no more need to rely on inaccurate dial tracking or questionable VFO linearity. True digital circuitry takes into account all three frequencies: VFO, HFO and BFO. You don't even need a calibrator.

Performance plus convenience. The transmitter delivers 100 watts output and, for GRP1ersT a front-panel switch instantly switches the output to one watt, And the four final transistors are protected against high SWR and thermal runaway, so they should never need replacement. The signal is clean and strong — low harmonic and spurious radiation, third-order distortion down 30 dB or better at 100 watts, carrier and unwanted sideband suppression down 55 dB. And broadbanding assures that it stays that way on all bands. Specifications alone don't do justice to the receiver's performance because we've dramatically reduced cross-modulation and intermodulation to increase useable sensitivity. And we didn't forget convenience — 15 MHz WWV position on the bandswitch, 30 kHz per revolution spinner knob, tune button for loading Jinears,, Pi f mike jack, pushbutton 100 Hz blanking, ALC/retative power/S-meter, switchable VOX with front-panel gain and delay, and much more,

Easy assembly and alignment. Eleven of the 15 boards plug in and seven can be extended out of the chassis while the transceiver is operating. Two wiring harnesses eliminate most point-to-point wiring, Alignment is fast and simple requiring only a dummy ioad, mike and VTVM.

The SB-104 operates directly from a 12V auto electrical system. For fixed station use, hook up the HP-1144 Power Supply.

Kit SB-104, 31 lbs., mailable 669.95

Kit HP-1144, Fixed station power supply, 28 lbs+t mailable . . . .89.95

Kit SB-604, Speaker & cab., 8 lbs.F mailable 29,95

Kit SBA-104-1, Noise blanker, 1 lb.t mailable 26.95

Kit S&A-104-2, Mobile mount, 6 lbs.P mailable 36.95

Kit SBA-104-3, 400 Hz CW crystal filter, 1 lb., mailable 39.95


Coverage: 3.5 MHz through 29.7 Mt\i amateur hands, 15 MHz WWV receive only. Frequency Stability: Less than 100 Hz/hr drift after 30mln. warmtip; less than 100 Hz drift for ±10% change in primary voltage, Modes of Operation: Selectable upper or lower sideband (suppressed earner) and CW, Readout Accuracy: Within ±200 Hz ±1 count Audio Frequency Response: 350 to 2450 Hz ±75 Hz (6 dB bandwidth), Dial Backlash: 50 Hi max. Phone Patch Impedance: 4 ohm output to speaker^ high Impedance output to transmitter. Power Requirements: 13.8 VDC nominal (max. 16 VDO at: Receive: 2 amp. Transmit: low power: 3 amps,; high power: 20 amps. TRANSMITTER: RF Power Output: High Power (50 ohm non reactive load). SSB: 100 watts PEP ±1 dB; CW: 100 watts ±1 dB. Low Power SS&: I watt PEP (minimum); CW: 1 watt (minimum). Output Impedance: 50 ohms, less than 2:1 SWR. Carrier Suppression and Unwanted Sideband Suppression: 55 dB down from 100 watt single-tone output at 1000 Hz reference. War-

Completely broadbanded. Neither the transmitter nor receiver sections require tuning from 3 to 30 MHI, .. instant QSY from 80 to 10 meters Is a reality.

manic Radiation: 45 dB below 100 watt output. Spurious Radiation: -50 dB within ±3 MHz of carrier; -60 dB farther than ±3 MHz from carrier, except -40 dB at 3.39 MHz on 30 meter band. Third Order Distortion: 30 dB down from two-tone output, reference at 100 watts REP. Transmit/Receive Operation; SSB: PTT or VOX; CW: Keyed-tone VOX or manual. CW Side-Tone: Internally switched to speaker or headphones in CW mode. Approximately 700 Hz tone. Microphone Input: High impedance with a rating of —45 to —55 dB; appro*. 25K ohms to match Heath desk-type microphone. RECEIVER — Sensitivity: Less than 1.0 microvolt for 10 dQ signai-pl us-no ise-to-noise ratio for SSB operation. Selectivity: 2.1 kHz minimum at 6 dB down, 5 kHz maximum at 60 dB down, (2:1 nominal shape factor). CW Selectivity: (with accessory CW filter) 400 Hz at G dB down; 2 kHz max. at 60 dB down Overall Gain: Less than 1 microvolt for 0.5 watt audio output. Audio Output; 2.5 watts into 4 ohms, 1.25 watts into 8 ohms, at less than 10% THD, Low impedance headphones (4-8 ohm). AGC: Less than 1 miirisecond attack time; switch selectable 100 msec, and 1 sec. release, and OFF. Intermotiulation Distortion: -65 dB min.; typically -57 dB with noise blanker. Ima&e Rejection: -60 dB min. IF Rejection; -60 dB min. Internally Generated Spurious; Below 2 microvolt equivalent antenna input, except at 3.65, 3.74, 14.24 MH: and 21.2 MHz, MECHANICAL - Rear Panel Controls/sockets: Anti-Trfp; Sidetone Level; Linear Amplifier ALC input; Phone Patch Input; Phone Patch Output; Key (CW) Input; Speaker {4 ohm) Output; Spare (2); Receiver Audio Input; VFO Input; VFO Output; IF Output; Driver Output; Ground Post; Power Plug; Accessory Socket (includes relay output}; Antenna Input; Receiver Antenna Input; Common/ Separate Antenna Switch. Dimensions: 5W H x 14%" W x ldWf D. (Less knobs, feet and connectors). Weight: 20 lbs..

Fixed Station Power Supply

120 V/240 VAC operated supply provides 13.8 VDC required by SB-104 Transceiver Full-wave bridge circuit has triple Darlington regulation with an integrated circuit which samples, compares, and automatically adjusts transistor bias to maintain a fixed output level Output is remotely sampled at the load end of the power cable, thereby compensating for voltage drop across fuse and cable, to provide almost no change in voltage from no load to full load conditions. Heat sink tits on back of supply; entire unit mounts within SB-604 speaker cabinet.

Kit HIP-1144, Fixed-station suppfy, 28 lbs., mailable 89-95

HP-It44 SPECIFICATIONS - Output Voltage: 13.8 VDC regulated (Adjustable from approximately 11 to 16 VDC), Maximum Output Currents 20 amperes, intermittent 3 amps continuous. Transistor Integrated Circuit and Oiede Complement: 2N3643 transistor; 2N3055 transistor; 40411 pass transistor (2); MFC603G regulator IC; 1N4QQ2 silicon diode; MDA990-2 bridge rectifier. Power Requirements: 110 to 130 VAC @ 6A or 220 to 260 VAC @ 3A, 50/60 Hi maximum. Dimensions: 5Wr H x W W x 10W D. Regulation: Less than 2% output voltage variation from no load to 20 amperes, Ripple; Less than 1% at 20 amperes. Fuses: 7-ampr 3AG, slow-blow primary. 20-amp, 3AG, output. Net Weight: 23 lbs.

SB-604 Station Speaker

Designed and styled to match the new SB-104 Transceiver, the cabinet Is large enough to house the HP-1144 AC Power Supply. The 5" x 7"P 3.2 ohm speaker is response-tailored for SSB. Connector cable & plug are included.

Kit SB-604, Speaker & cabinet, 8 lbs,, mailable . .. ,29.95

SB-604 SPECIFICATIONS - Speaker Size: 5" x 7" oval. Voice Coil Impedance: 3.2 ohms. Frequency Response: 300 to 3000 Hz. Magnet Weight: 3.16 oz. Cabinet: Aluminum with gray wrinkie finish. Dimensions: 7Ve" H x lOVs" W x 14" O.

Heathkit Oscilloscope

Heathkit performance specifications are guaranteed

Heathkit 230 TestHeathkit 230

■«ijSK- -i^lii r IK-■.■ «M; (-■■■ , iS-^i.™ ■<

Chassis of the SB-230,

Heathkit SB-2301kw Conduction-Cooled Linear

The new value in linears. The lowest cost conduction-cooled linear on the market.

Strong and silent. The "230" uses a husky Eimac 8873 triode in proven, stable, grounded grid circuitry to deliver up to 1200 watts PEP SSB, 1000 watts CW input from less than 100 watts drive, The "230" is also rated at 400 watts input for slow-scan TV and RTTY. A massive heat sink eliminates noisy cooling fans. And the final is completely enclosed in a double-shielded compartment.

Convenience. Bandswitching is done with a single knob-..Load and Tune controls are clearly marked so you can return to a favorite operating frequency just by noting the control positions. A five-position switch, coupled with the backlighted meter, indicates Relative Power, Plate current, Grid current and plate High Voltage at a glance. Relative Power sensitivity is adjustable with the front panel knob.

A full complement of built-in safety features. The cabinet features

Ttte business end of the new SB-230: a cci reduction-cooled E873 triode final and a highly efficient heat sink. Mo blower needed.

microswitch interlocks on both the top and bottom to shut down the primary power when the cabinet shells are removed. The heat sink for the 8873 is temperature monitored; if the temperature rises too high, a thermal circuit breaker opens, the linear shuts down and the Hi Temp light goes on. The Exciter light indicates the linear is running straight through, without amplification. To allow the tube sufficient time to warm up, a delay circuit is built-in, The On-Off switch also includes a built-in circuit breaker for the primary side of the power transformer. And the cathode of the tube is fused for additional protection.

Kit SB-230, 40 lbs., mailable 339.95

SB-230 SPECIFICATIONS; Band Coverage; 80, 4Dr 20, 15 and ID meter amateur bands. Maximum Power input: 1200 W PEP SSB; 1000 W CW; 400 watts RTTY/SSTV. Duty Cycle: SSB: continuous voice modulation; CW; continuous (max. key-down time 30 seconds]; RTTY/SSTV: 50% (max. transmit time 10 minutes at 400 watts). Driving Power Required: less than 100 W. Third Order Distortion: -30 dB or better. Output Impedance: 50 ohms at 2:1 SWR max. Input Impedance: 52 ohms at SWR max. Rear Panel; ALC output; Exciter relay; RF input; RF output; Ground lug; Fuse; Line cord, Tube: Type 8873. ¿era signal plate current: 25 mA. Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 14 A max. £40 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 7 A max. Dimensions: WW W x 16" D x 7" H. Net Weight: 33Vi lbs.

SB-614 Station Monitor

Monitors transmitted SSB, CW, & AM signals up to 1 kW from B0-6 meters. CRT indicates non-linearity, insufficient or excessive drive, poor carr.er or sideband suppression, regeneration, parasitica and CW key clicks. Manual includes 40 CRT displays and explanations.

Kit SB-614, 17 IbsM mailable 139.95

SB 614 SPECIFICATIONS — AF SAMPLING SECTION; Frequency Coverage: 80 through 6 meters (3,5 - 54 MHz), RF Power Limits: Exciter input (50 - 75 ohm) 10 to 300 watts; Antenna input (50 - 75 ohm) 10 to 1000 watts. Insertion Loss: Negligible, VERTICAL AMPLIFIER: Input Impedance: 1 Megohm shunted by 75 pi Sensitivity: 60 mV rms/W vertical defection. Attenuator: 2 position; jtl, 2 volts rms max, Input? xlOn 20 voEts rms max. input. Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz +3 dti. HORIZON* TAL AMPLIFIER: input impedance: 1 Megohm shunted by 50 pf. Sensitivity: 50 mV rms/W horizontal deflection Frequency Response; 10 Hz to 3 MH* ±3 dB. SWEEP GENERATION: Type; Recurrent automatic sync. Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 10 kHz in three ranges. GENERAL: CAT; 3RP1/A flat face, green, medium persistence phosphor. Graticule: ,250 inch squares 6x8 (1.5 x 2,0 inches total viewing area). Power supplies: All solid-state rectifiers. AH amplifier supplies regulated. Power Requirements: 110-130 or 220-260 VACT 50/60 Hz, 35 watts. Front Panel Controls: Intensity - Off-on- Mode - SSB, TRAP, CROSS; Focus; Vertical Gain, Vertical Position; Horizontal Gain; Horizontal Position; Sweep - variable: Range - 100 Hz( 1 kHz, 10 kHz. Rear Panel Controls: Astigmatism; Vertical attenuator — XI, X10. Rear Panel Connectors: Antenna^ 50-239; Exciter: Phono; Vertical Input: Phono; Horizontal input: Phono. DIMENSIONS: 7W H x 10W x 15W 0. Net Weight: 12 ibS.

SB-634 Station Console

Provides five necessary station functions every amateur needs. 24-hour digitaf clock; ten-minute ID timer; RF wattmeter; SWR bridge; phone patch.

Kit SB-634, 14 lbs,, mailable 179.95

SB-634 SPECIFICATIONS - CLOCK - Display: Six full digits, Time Base: 24 hours. Accuracy: Determined by accuracy of power line frequency, TIMER-Display: Three full digits. Time Interval: 10 minutes with automatic reset. Manual reset at any portion of 10 minute period. Accuracy: Determined by accuracy of power line frequency, Signal: Visual only or both visual and aural; switcn selected. RF POWER/SWfi METER — Frequency Range; LS to 30 MHz. Wattmeter Accuracy: ±10% of full-scale reading. Power Handling Capability: 2000 watts (maximum). SWR Sensitivity: Less than 10 watts. Impedance: 50 ohm nominal. Connecters: UHF type SQ-239. PHDNE PATCH - Circuit: Telephone hybrid circuit Allows voice control or manual operation, TELEPHONE LINES - Input Impedance: Approximately 600 ohm. Null Depth: At feast 30 dB isolation between transmit and receive circuits. Receiver Impedance: Effective match from 3 to 16 ohm. Transmitter Impedance; 600 oiim or higher impedance output GENERAL - Meter: 100 /¿A movement. VU readings for phone patch monitoring. Null depth incir-cation, RF power output, relative power, and SWR readings. FRONT PANEL CONTROLS - Timer: Off. Visual, Aural Visual, Reset; Pushbutton switch. Patch Gain: Transmitter, Receiver. SWR; Sensitivity, Mode; SWRh Forward and Reflected. 2000 W and 200 W, Phone Patch. Rear Panel Controls — Cfock- Time hold, minutes set, seconds set. Null Adjust control; Null-Monitof switch; C adjust control; R adjust control. Power Requirements; 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hlt 15 watts. DIMENSIONS: 7W H x 10W W x 15W D. Net Weight: 10 lbs.

SB-644 Remote VFO

Designed exclusively for use with the SB-1Q4, Provides split transmit/receive capability without a separate transmitter and receiver. Multimode capability allows transceive operation on either the "644" or the "104." Use either of the two crystal positrons in the "644" for fixed-frequency control. Convenient front panel controls for ail transceive, transmit or receive modes on both the "10411 and the remote VFO. "644" tuning scale gets you into the right frequency area, exact frequency readout takes place in the 04," Switch from transmit to receive and the display automatically changes to the correct frequency. The '644" uses the same kit VFO as the SB-104. And the true digital frequency readout in the "104" eliminates concern about dial VFO linearity problems. "644" assembles easily, with minimal adjustments, and requires no modifications to "104".

Kit SB-644, 10 lbs., mailable 119,95

5B-644 SPECIFICATIONS - Frequency Coverage: 5.05.5 MHZ allowing SO, 40, 20, 15, 10 meter operation in the SB-104, Frequency Stability: Less than 100 Hz dnft per hour after thirty minute warmup. Modes of Operation: Remote VFO; Main VFO: Receive Remote/Transmit Main; Receive Main/iransmit Remote; Crystal frequem ctes (2) (crystals not supplied). Dial Backlash: 100 cycles max. Power Requirements: 11V and 13.6V at 500 mA from the SB-104. RF Output: 0,34 to 0.4V RMS Over 5 to 5.5 MHz into a 50 ohm load. DIMENSIONS: 7W H x 10W W x 15 W D. Nat Weight: 6Va lbs.

Atl major circuftfy Is contained on live easily removed circuit boards,

Kit or Assembled

Adjustable line voltage switch matches the power supply of the 10-4510 to any voltage from 1DD to 230 VAC.

A complete mu-metaf shield is used in the 10-4530 to eliminate display error caused by electromagnetic interference.

Kit or Assembled

The regulated high voltage supply is located rn its own shielded compartment for complete Isolation,

Heathkit Ioa 4510 Manual

The Heathkit IOA-451Q-1 is a easy-to-build, easy-to-use crystal-controlled time base designed by Heath's Tscope engineers lor oscilloscope calibration, it provides everything you need to accurately calibrate your new Heathkit 10-4510 or 10-4530. It generates a square wave signal with selected ranges from 1 MHz to 1 kHz at TTL output levels. The 1 kHz output levei can be adjusted from 0 to 4 J volts peak.

Kit IOA-45KM, 1 lb., mailable 14.95

per Dollar when You b iy Heath

1 mV sensitivity... 569.95 Kit, 775.00 Assembled

The Heathkit f0-4510 has vertical delay lines, 45 MHz typical trigger bandwidth and a maximum sensitivity of 1 millivoft over full vertical bandwidth. With a x10 probe, you can read waveforms to 10 mV/cm. The attenuator networks can be switched through 12 calibrated ranges to set deflection factors from 1 mV/cm to 5 V/cm.

Digitally-controlled time base circuitry provides automatic triggering for easy operation —no stability control is necessary. A reference baseline is generated when trigger signal is absent. Trigger Select switch and Level control allow time base to be precisely triggered at any point along positive or negative slope of trigger signal,The automatic position of level control triggers at zero crossing point.

Modes of signal display are selected by position control for each channel and Time Base switch. Either channel can be displayed as a function of time, or both can be displayed together chopped (200 kHz) or alternate modes automatically selected by time base switch. X-Y operation uses Channel 1 for horizontal deflection and Channel

2 for vertical deflection. Time Base control provides 22 calibrated time bases from 0.2 sec/cm to 0.1 ¿¿sec/cm in 1, 2, 5 sequence, continuously variable between switch positions.

An adjustable AC line switch matches the regulated power supply to any common line voltage from 100 volts to 280 volts AC. Af! major circuitry is contained on five circuit boards for easy trouble-shooting And push-on connectors permit fast removal of any board. The 6x10 cm CRT has post-deflection acceleration for a brighter trace and faster writing speeds.

Calibration of the 10-4510 requires a precise source of square waves to insure calibration to published specifications. Waveforms should be 5 volt, 1 kHz to 1 MHz square waves, with less than 5 nsec rise time and less than 1% overshoot. If a source is not available, the iOA-4510-1 Oscilloscope Calibrator (described below) may be ordered.

Kit 10-4510, 34 lbs., mailabfe 569.95

Assembled S0-4510? factory wired & calibrated version of the 10-4510, 34 lbs., mailable 775.00

10-4510 SPECIFICATIONS — VERTICAL: Deflection Factor: sensitivity: 1 mV/cm to 5 V/ cm. Attenuator; 12 steps in 1-2-5 sequence. Variable: Continuous between steps to ap-prox. IS V/cm. Accuracy: Within 3%. Vertical Response: DC Coupling: DC to 15 MH1. AC Coupling: 2 Hz to 15 MHa, Rise Time: 24 ns, Overshoot: <3%. Delay Line: Allows display of at least 20 ns of pre-triggered waveform. Vertical Input: Impedance: 1 Mi2 shunted by pF. Maximum Input: 400 V, HORIZONTAL: Time Base: Ramp: 0,2 S/cm to 100 ns/cm. Positions; 20 steps in 1-2-5 sequence. Variable: Continuous between ranges to approximate 0.6 Sec/cm, Accuracy; Within 3%. Magnifier; X5 (adds additions! 2% to sweep accuracy). External: Sensitivity: 0.2 V/cm (appro*.). Impedance; 200 KS2 (appro*.). Polarity: Meg. input causes right hand deflection. Frequency Response: PC to i MHz. TRIGGER: Internal: Automatic: Zero crossing ±0.5 cm. Normal: Adjustable over 8 division. Slope Selection: + or -. Sensitivity/Bandwidth: 1 cm deflection -DC, auto & norm: DC to 30 MHz; AC auto; 15 Hz to 10 MHz; AC norm: 10 Hz to 30 MHz; ACF auto: 20 kHz to 10 MHa; ACF norm: 10 kHz to 30 MHz. Externa*: Automatic! Zero crossing ±0.2 V. Normal: Adjustable over ±5 V. Slope Selections: + or -. sensitivity/Band width: 0,5 V external trigger revet — DC, auto & norm: DC to 30 MHz; AC auto: 10 Hz to £0 MHz; AC norm: 5 Hi to 30 MHz; ACF auto: 10 kHz to 20 MHz; ACf norm: 5 kHz to 30 MHz. Impedance; 1 Ms> shunted by ^30 pF. X-Yi Y Channel: Same as vertical. X Channel: Same as vertical, except response limited to 1 MHz and no delay fine. Phase Silift: Less than 3° @ 100 kHz. GENERAL: CRT: Type: 6 x 10 cm spiral PDA. Acceleration Potential: 4 kV regulated. Phosphor: P3L Graticule: 6 x 10 cm 'illuminated. Power: Voltage Range: 100-140/200*280 VAC, switch selected, 75 W. Internal Supplies: Fully regulated. Operating Temperature Range: 10°C to 40°C. Dimensions; 6.4" H x 12,9* W x 19.3" O (without handle),

Heathkit 10-4530,..perfect for TV service & home experimenting,.. 299,95 Kit, 425.00 assembled

You won't find a better TV service oscilloscope vaiue than the Heathkit IO-4530. Features like TV coupling, DC-1G MHz bandwidth, wideband triggering capability, sensitive 10 mV/cm vertical input, and calibrated X-channel input make it a versatile, easy-to-use scope for the service technician and a good general purpose scope for the hobbyist.

The 4530 Is one of the few single-trace scopes available with two input channels. The Y-input has a maximum sensitivity of 10 mV with an 11-position attenuator to set deflection from 10 mV/cm to 20 V/cm. For true X-Y operation, a calibrated X-input is provided with maximum sensitivity of 20 mV. its calibrated 3-position attenuator can be switched through three AC or DC ranges from 20 mV/cm to 2 V/cm.

High or Jew frequency waveforms are no problem since the 4530 s wide range of time bases can be switched from 200 ms/cm to 200 ns/cm. Any sweep speed can be expanded five times.

Trigger circuits are digitally controlled, requiring only a Level control and a Slope switch. In automatic mode, the triggering is at the zero crossing point. In normal mode, the level control is adjustable over the complete 8 cm span. Various trigger signals can be selected: a sample of the vertical input signal, a sample of the line voltage or an externally applied trigger signal. In the TV trigger coupling mode, the 4530 can be easily triggered on the vertical signai in a complex TV signal, Calibration requires a source of 1 volt, 10 kHz to 1 MHz square waves with less than 7 rts rise time and less than 1% overshoot (see iOA-4510-1 Oscilloscope Calibrator, page 68).

Kit I0-4530, 30 lbs., mailable 299.95

Assembled SO-453D, factory wired & calibrated version of 10-4530, 28 lbs., mailable 425-00

10-4530 SPECIFICATIONS — VERTICAL: Deflection Factor: sensitivity: 10 mV/cm to 20 V/cm* Attenuator: 11 steps En 1, 2, 5 sequence. Variable: Continuous between steps to appro*, 50 V/cm. Accuracy: Within 3%. Vertical Response: DC Coupling: DC to 10 MHz. AC Coupling: 2 Hz to 10 MHz. Rise Time: 35 ns. Overshoot: <5%. Vertical Input; Impedance; 1 shunted by pF. Maximum Input: 400 V. HORIZONTAL: Time Base; Ramp: 0,2 S/cm to 200 ns/cm. Positions: 7 steps in decade sequence. Variable: Continuous between ranges to approximate 2 s/cm. Accuracy: Within 5%. Magnifier: X5 (adds additional 2% to sweep accuracy). External: Deflection Factor; sensitivity: 0.02 V/ cm to 2 V/cm, Attenuation; 3 steps in decade sequence, Variabie: Continuous between steps to approx. 20 V/cm. Accuracy: Within Response: DC Coupling: DC to 1 MHz, AC Coupling: 2 Hz to 1 MHz. Hise Time: 0.35 ns. Overshoot; <5%. Jnput: Impedance: 1 mil shunted by ~4G pF. Max. jnput: 400 V. TRIGGER: Internal; Automatic; Zero crossing ±0.5 cm. Normal: Adjustable over 8 divisions. Slope Selection: + or -. Sensitivity/ Bandwidth: 0.5 cm deflection — DC, auto & norm: DC to 5 MHz; AC, auto & norm: 40 Hz to 5 MHz; TV, auto & norm: 40 Hz to 1 MHz. 1 cm deflection - DC, auto & norm: DC to 10 MHzr AC, auto & norm: 40 Hz to 10 MHz. 1,5 cm defection - DC, auto & norm: DC to 15 MHz; AC, auto & norm: 40 Hz to 15 MHz, External; Automatic: Zero crossing ±0,03 V. Normal: Adjustable over 1.2 V. Slope Selections; + or —. Sensitivity/flandwidtli: 0.5 V. external trigger level-DC, auto & norm: DC to 5 MHZ; AC, auto & norm; 40 Hz to 5 MHZ; TV, auto & norm; 40 Hz to 1 kHz. 1 V external trigger Cevei-DC, auto & norm: CC to 15 MHz; AC, auto 4 norm: 40 Hz to 15 MHz. Impedance: 1 Mil shunted by =s40 pF. X-Y: V Channel: Same as vertical. X Channel; Same as external horizontal. Pftase Shift: Less than 5° @ 100 kHz, GENERAL: CRT: Type: 5" round. Acceleration Potential: 1.4 kV regulated, phosphor: P31. Graticule: 8 X 10 cm. Power: Voltage Range: 110-130/220-260 VAC, switch selected, 65 watts. Internal Supplies: Fully regulated. Operating Temperature Range: 10°C to 40*C. Dimensions 6.4" H x 12.S" W x 19.2" D (without handtej.

Circuit Heathkit 101

Heathkit ID-101 Electronic Switch

Provides simultaneous display of two separate input signals on a single trace scope by alternating between inputs. Response is DCS MHz, + 1Va dB, - 3 dB.

Kit ID-101, 6 lbs-, mailable 44.95

10-101 SPECIFICATIONS-Signal gain; >10 times. Maximum input signal: 600 VDC or 600 VAC p-p. input impedance; l megohm/50 pF, Maximum signal output: 8 V p*p. Output loading: 1GQ0 ohm minimum. Hum and noise; (single channel only), <40 mV p-p, Chopping rates: Approx, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 Hz. Power requirements: 120/240 vr 50-60 Hi, 6 W. Dimensions: 4W H x IGW W x 5V' D.

Heathkit 1212

The all solid-state circuitry of the IM-1212 is contained on a single circuit board for easy assembly and access when servicing.

Kit or Assembled


Truly portable — includes rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries and built-in charger

26 ranges; resolves voltages to 100 pV, currents to 100 nA; measures AO & DO current up to 2 A

Built-in references for easy field calibration

Compact size—only 3" H x


Automatic polarity indication

Uses patented Schfumberger dual-slope conversion technique. ..the industry standard for DMMs

These enjoyment books help you get maximum use & your Heathkit meter.

Handbook of Practical Electronic Tests & Measurements, a guide to the basic theory and application of every practical ejectronic test & measurement procedure for technicians, EDP-137 16.95*

101 Ways to Use Your VDM/VTVM, covers equipment checks, ac & dc voltage tests, dc current tests, tJhm-meter tests, signal tracing tests, alignment & color TV

101 More Ways to Use Your VOM/VTVM, expands on volume above, describing additional tests & uses.

Understanding & Using the VOM & QVM, a modern, practical guidebook to every possible application of the VOM. rnP'idft d QS*

LJ I I r ■ B h-HAi ■ i 4 « I ■ * I B ■ f * i « ■ ■ ■ ■ « " » ■ ■ ■ ■ « ■ s B. ■ "II*"

Electronic Measurements Simplified, covers nearly every test or measurement youMl ever have to make in TV servicing, 2-way A ham radio, CB, etc., - in plain English. EDP 141 4.95*

ABCs of Electronic Test Probes, shows how to use the many probes needed for testing radicr TV & other equipment. EDP-143 2-95*

*$1Q minimum order for book only purchase. No minimum when book order accompanies kit order. Includes 350 for each book to cover postage and handling.

DMfVfl for your measurement need

A) Our lowest cost DVM — now in a bench version... only 79.95 Kit, 125.00 Assembled

* Large, bright, easy-to-read display

* Completely self-calibrating

* For hobbyists, schools, and service techs

The new Heathkit fM-1212 Digital Multimeter is the low-cost DMM that hams, hobbyists and service techs have been waiting for. Its full-function capability even includes AC voltage measurements up to 700 volts. Four overlapping AC & DC voltage & current ranges and five resistance ranges make operation fast and simple. Accuracy is very good for a multimeter in this price range: 1% on DC volts, 1 V2% on AC volts and AC/DC current, and 2% on resistance. Lighted frontpanel indicators show overrange, positive and negative DC voltages and current at a glance.

The all solid-state design uses ÍC circuitry for a clear non-blinking display. The dependable ramp analog-to-digital converter updates the readout every 16 msec.

The IM-1212 is a great teaching aid for schools. It's simple to operate, and the large 2V2-digit display with automatic decimal positioning ends "reading the wrong scale ' errors. The easy assembly makes it a great project for student electronics labs. And the exclusive Heath built-in calibration standards are ail that's needed for those initial and periodic adjustments.

Other features include overload protection on all ranges... 120 or 240 VAC operation , *. isolated floating ground ,.. attractive heavy-duty case to withstand rugged use . , . universal banana jack inputs.

Kit IM-1212, 7 lbs., mailable 79,95

Assembled SM-1212, wired version of the IM-1212, 7 lbs., mailable 125,00

IM-1212 SPECIFICATIONS - Functions: ±DC volts, ±DC current, AC VOitS, AC current, ohms. Ranges: (fail Scale]; DC volts: 2, 20, 200, 1,000V DC current: 2, 2Q, 200f 2,000 mA. AC volts: 2, 20, 200r 700V rms (25 Hz to 10 kH*), AC current: 2T 20, 200, 2,000 mA rms (25 Hz to 10 hHi). Ohms: 200, 2k, 20fcr 200kf 2,000(1 ohms, Maximum input without damage: 3 A into AC or DC mA, and ohms (fuse protected), 700 VAC rms into volts (except 2V range-140 VAC rms), 1000 VDC into volts (eicept 2V range-200 VDC], Resolution: (Lowest Range) Volts: 10 mV, Current 10¿¿A. phms: 1 ohm. Display: Two & one half digit numeric. Rated accuracy carried to 25% overrange. Accuracy: (Full scale ±1 digit); 1% DCV (1000 V max.), 1 Yz% AGV (700V max.), AC & DC current, 2% ohms. Input impedance: 1 megohm on alJ voltage ranges. 2V drop maximum on current ranges. Sample Rate; Approximate^ 60 per second. Power requirements: 120/240 VACh 50/50 HzP 8 watts. Dimensions (overall): 314" H x 9'a" W x 854" D.

B) Heathkit IM-2202 Portable Digital Multimeter — "Pro" performing compact »..only 179.95

The Heathkit IM-2202 Portable Digital Multimeter is the lowest priced professional-grade digital multimeter we've ever offered. Designed for field or bench uset it will provide years of dependable measurement. Included are four rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries that provide up to eight hours of continuous operation with each charge. It may also be operated from 110 or 220 VAC or temporarily from four "C" cells.

Its 26 ranges include AC and DC voltages, AC and DC current, resistance and a Battery Test position. Full scale ranges are 100 mV to 1000 volts DC, 100 mV to 750 volts ACr 100 mA to 1000 mA and 100 ohms to 1000 kilohms. 100% overrange allows measurements up to 1,999 on all ranges except 1000 VDC and 750 VAC. giving full 2 amp or 2 megohm capability. Voltage and current inputs are separated for circuit protection, All functions are protected against accidentally applied voltages up to 250 voEts. Overrange is indicated by a flashing display.

AM voltage ranges have high input impedance (10 megohms typical) to prevent circuit loading. Current ranges feature low voltage drop {100 mV typical) for accurate measurements. Resistance ranges limit maximum test current to 1 mA. The full scale measurement of 2 volts on the 1 kllohm, 10 kilohm and 1 megohm ranges still allows forward-biased junction testing of semiconductor devices.

If a lab standard is used for calibration, DC accuracy is -0.2% ; AC accuracy Is ±0,5% to 10 kHz. Internal standards supplied allow field calibration to ±0*5% for DC and ±1% for AC.

The large 3%-digit display (1999 count) is easy to read, even in bright sunlight. Automatic polarity indication and decimal point placement reduce the possibility of erroneous readings. A continuous-rotation Range switch and four pushbutton Function switches seiect ranges.

A custom-designed MOS/LSI integrated circuit contains all digital counting and logic circuits — allowing the extensive circuitry of the

IM-2202 to be containeo in its compact case. It provides leading zero suppression for all measurements to conserve battery charge and insures a stabie, flicker-free display. It functions as the heart of a dual-slope analog-to-digital converter providing stable, accurate performance under all conditions of temperature and battery charge.

Although assembly of the IM-2202 is aided by circuit board construction and many "plug-in" components, previous kitbuilding experience would be helpful, tf you ve ever built an electronic kit, you'll appreciate the advanced techniques and engineering concepts used in its design. Professional features, easy operation, high accuracy and dependable performance - you get them all with the Heathkit IM-2202,

Kit IM-2202, 7 lbs., mailable 179.95

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