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The EBKA FAMfLIARfZOR is a complete microcomputer system. No expensive terminal is required. Everything is built-in to a single PC board, including a hexi-decimal keyboard and display.

Easy-tounderstand Hardware and Programming Manuals guide you every step of the way. Vou will gain a practical knowledge of microprocessing, plus invaluable Jihands-on" experience. All at microcost.

The heart of the EBKA FAMILIAR-tZOR is a MOS TECHNOLOGY 6502 Microprocessor, an eight bit processor that can address up to 65K bytes of memory. On-board memory consists of 1K bytes of RAM for user programs and two eight bit ports (one input and one output), A 256 byte monitor program, supplied in one 1702A erasable PROM, enables you to load, examine, run, debug and modify your own programs. Each function can be implemented at any address in memory Breakpoints can be entered at any location in your program to display internal registers or branch to a separate routine.

You may also expand the capabilities of your FAMfLIARIZOR in easy, inexpensive stages. To store your own programs in PROM, the PC board is designed to accept three additional 17G2A PROMS (763 bytes). A low cost PROM programmer is also available. The system bus allows easy expansion. Add-on memory, interface and special function cards are available.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced engineer, EBKA offers you a microcost'way to get familiar with microcomputers. Order your EBKA FAMfLIARIZOR today.

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