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Yes, You Can is 2m Receiver !

Chances are no one has to tell you how great il is up on "2/* You mav already have at least one rig on two, or wish you had one. Either you or some of ynur ham buddie- may operate the Jowl re pea tor (s) and maybe you; club even has a repeater liN however, by some strange uncanny phenomenon, you don t know how good it is on two meters, you'd belter build yourself this receiver. It you're like most hams and .i I ready have a handle on two meters, build shis unil and you can have a good back up receiver, monitor your calling repealer (no matter Which one you're working), or spend a lew extra dollars to add a transminer for a dandy economical little FM rig.

Tor somewhere in the 35 doiiar range vou tan receive lv,o meter signais In the fraction of a microvolt range, run off a handful of batteries, ihe house current, or the auto battery, and know what's happening on two.

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