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Phone CW

# = described in tast issu^

station. Multiplier is number of different Flonda counties worked (max 67), Final score ts total QSO points times multiplier, FREQUENCIES:

CW 1807, 3570, 7070, 14070, 21070, 28070.

21370, 28570,


A summary sheet is requested showing the scoring and other pertinent >nfor ination. Also, your name and address in BLOCK LETTERS, and a signed declaration that all rules and regula lions have beer observed. Include a l.'k stamp for results in a future issue of Florida Skip, Mailing deadline is April 30th but tate DX entries wifl be accepted within reason. Send all entries to; Florida Skip Contest Com mittee, P.O. Box 501, Miami Springs FL 33166, AWARDS:

Certificates witl be awarded to the top irngle operator score n each state, province and DX country as well as each Florida county for both phone and CW. There are also S plaques to be awarded for; High single operator in Florida and out-of-state both phone and CW 14 plaques), and to the Florida club with the highest aggre gate score.

At the discretion of the contest committee stations mriy be disquali fied for improper reporting, excessive dupes, errors in multiplier lists, un readable logs, obvious cheating, etc.

Anyone disqualified! in this year's Florida QSO Party will be barred from the contest next year.

SP DX CONTEST - CW Starts: 1500 GMT Saturday, April 3 Ends: 2400 GMT Sunday, April 4

Work as many SP st¿itions during the contest period as possible on all bands 3.5 to 28 MHz The three categories are smgle operator, single and all band, mufti-opera tor. alt band onty. and SWL The same Station may be worked on each band for QSO points but a powiat may be courted only once as a multiplier. All contacts must be on CW only. EXCHANGE:

RST plus a 3 figure QSO number starting with 001 for foreign stations Polish stations will send RST and their powiat letters, SCORING:

Each QSO ww11 an SP station counts 3 points. Final score is total OSO points limes the totaJ number oi different powiats worked regardless of bands AWARDS:

Cer;ificates to the top scorers in each category, in each continent and each country and call area of Australia, Canada, USA and USSfl. ENTRIES:

Use a separate log sheet for each band and include a summary sheet with all thp scoring information The usual s^ned declaration is requested. UsueE disqualification rules wii! apply Entries should be postmarked no later than April 30th to PZK Contest Con, rnittee, P.O. Box 320, Warsaw, Poland

SIX METER GROUND WAVE CONTEST Starts: 0300 GMT Sunday. April 4 Endst 0700 GMT Sunday. April 4 The contest is sponsored by the Society For The Preservation and Encouragement of Six Meters and Global Research. It is open to all amateurs, worldwide — on all modes: SSB, CWP FM, AM, SSTV, RTT Yh and FAX, Any six meter contact is valid. Skip stations do count in the event the band is open, but they only count Yt point each no matter where the station is located


For scoring purposes, there are four zones defined by the distance between your QTH and the station contacted. Zone definitions and QSO ;>oints for contacts with each zone are as follows: Zone 1. Stations within 25 miles of your QTH - J point/GSO; Zone 2, Stations 25 to 50 mites from your QTH - 2 pomts/QSO; Zone 3, Stations 50 to 75 miles from your OTH - 3 points/QSO; Zone 4, Stations over 75 miles from your OTH - 4 points QSO. LOGS.

Show your name, Call, address. ARRL section, and input power. Mobiles and portables must show actual locations. For each station worked, show: call, ARAL section, zona (as defined abovej, lime, and points scored. Show your total score, sign the log, and submit to: Phi- Caruso K9DTB. g o Gfobal Research, Congest Chairman, PO Box 271, Lombard IL 60148. Logs must be postmarked by May 3, 1976 for scoring on May 31, 1976. Incomplete logs will not be eligible for awards. AWARDS:

All entries will receive a certificate from SPESM. The first place total score in each cattigory will receive a prize. Prize categories are as follows: Mobile - any mode Or power; Portable any mode or power; High power ■ 100 Watts or more; Medium power - 51 Watts to 99 Watts; Low power - 50 Watts oi less.

Ary questions concerning rules can be answered by K9DTB (Phil) at 312 279 465B or through SPESM. All prizes are donated by Global Research.

NOVICE QSO PARTY Starts: 0000 GMT Saturday, April 10 Ends; 0600 GMT Sunday, April 11 The fifth annual Novice QSO Party is sponsored by the Intentional Novice Amateur Radio Assoc. Any class amateurs work only Novices and work each station only once regardless of bands Please use "CO NP" for contest call and use the lower 10 kHz of each Novice band. The following are considered as Novices: EL-Nx, H C = N xx, Ht^Nxx. KG4Nxx, KZSxxN, LB-xx. OA^Nxx, OL-xxx.

WN-xxx and WP4xxx {or bicen tennial equiv,].


RST and name.


Novices multiply total number of QSOs by total number of different prefixes worked (Klxxx & WATkxx are different prefixes, etc.), Non Novices multiply total number of con tacts by the number of different Novice prefixes worked {WN4, WN8, 0A3N, 0A2N, etc.). ENTRIES:

To qualify for awards, mait logs no later than May 1st to: Andi Anderson

WB5MYV, Route 1 Box 193, Hea^ener OK 74937 Incfude an SASE for results.

COUNTY HUNTERS SSB CONTEST Starts: 0001 GMT Saturday, April 10 Ends: 2400 GMT Sunday, April 11 The fifth annual! County Hunters SSB Contest ^s sponsored by the Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club, inc. IMARAC). Basically, the rules are as follows: Mobile stations may be worked each time they change

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RESULTS OF THE 1975 DELTA QSO PARTY Plaque winners are as follows: high score, Delta Division — W5DRW; high score outside division - KOGJO/6; high score, portable station - WB4DJU/4; high score, mobile station WA5KQD/5, Only WA3VWJ/5, W4CHK and K0GJD 6 worked five stations in each of the four states in the Defta Division for the Delta Achievement Award. Results of a contest survey are available, for a large SASE and two first class stamps, from W5RUS. The first place station in each section is as follows:

0 0

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