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An upside down view of the C/egg HT-146 shows how it looks on the operator's belt.

that you can carry with you around the yard, garage or basement to keep up with what the rest ot the gang is doing. If you are gotng to a swap-and-shop or hamfest, they come in very handy For Civji Defense, RACES, ARFC work, or serving your own community by providing communications for a parade, boat race, or an emergency, they are an invaluable tool.

I he best way to carry your rig is on your belt in its own leather case, because it can get quite awkward after a while it vou tote it in your hand. This of course makes an external mike the handiest accessory for it that you can have, as you can then operate it while it is still on your belt. Either the built-in speaker will suffice, or you can imitate Walter Cronkite or John Chancellor, and put a button in your ear for private listening. Or, perhaps your rig has a separate speaker-mike combination.

But there is still one big hang up. That rubber duckie antenna working in the vicinity of your navel has little or no efficiency, and your chances of being heard are very poor I he best remedy for the situation is to get it up in the air a little higher as any ham knows from experience, You could carry a se\ foot step ladder around with you, and it you get one of the neu aluminum ones, they are fairly light. But there is an easier way: Mount your antenna on the top of a hard hat.

Safety helmets like this have become a fairly common thing in toda\ s society, as the government agency OSHA is requiring them to be worn any place where head injuries are at all possible

Therefore, we can buy them very readily ini most an\ community We went to a local safety equipment dealer and found a selection of about five grades, prices and colors ranging from about $2.50 to $6.25 each. The one

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