We have a whole wonderful line of unbelievable counters starting at $45.95! All counters are also available factory wired and tested. Drop us a line or give us a call today.

HllfCO - P.O. Box 357, Dept. 20, Provo, Ut. 84001-»{801} 37S8566

you can!

The all new ETK (Electronic Touch Keyer) stores your instructions, then sends perfect code from memory circuits .., 7 to 55 words per minute ... mode controls (tune, spacing off, auto) .. speaker w level control ,,. dot-dash LED lights. , ail newclockcircuits minimizing long first cycle 17 integrated circuits.

for only 145-00

Order direct from:

Kent, Washington 98031

REPEATERS art tflsy.,.

with our cOflifrttt «Ad Cute 6-metftr cjvtty filters feattfrlBQ capper construction, ptrrrortent stability and liT^lenentatiaru factory built and reAdy to hook-up. Call or wH te for details.

Varden Electronics Company

Ooi 7*1. Jatkion, Michigan 49204 • (3171717-3290

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