Apes Whip

Enclosed is a photo of an antenna I've been experimenting with. It's called a "5 Apes Whip/' You will note that the ' naps" are actually 5 apes and the second from the bottom is a small ape used as a matching stub. Thought you might be interested

Mike Berlin WB2FIG Brookiyn NY

All is not roses in the mail order business. We, like every other reput able mait Order house, try to satisfy uui customers to the best of our ability. However, there are many t>Fifalls to scuttle our endeavors. The customer can help a great deal just toy dOirxj things Such as making sure his address (and name) are on his order blank or letter - as wcii as on the envelope, (if one Peter C. Johnson would send his address along to us we would be happy to reply to his re^ quest lor our catalog.) Another important thing is to type or print So far we've managed to decipher aP orders, but it hds not been easy. Oh yes -don't forget your check or money order,

Not having a crystal ball, we cannot predict what items will be selling the rnosu In April it was 2N608ls — ft seemed every orri^r was for them. We did run out, and of course ii took us six weeks to get our order from the factory. If we do run outr we try to get woid to our customers thai we'll be late We wouW appreciate their understanding of this problem.

Last but not least is our great mail service. A lost package sent out and a lost letter stating the package wasn't received garnered us a letter of complaint Irom one state's Attorney General. We used to worry about how long it took a package to get to a destination land most of our stuff goes out First Class) — now we worry about whether it will arrive at all.

But on top of it all we're still going to hang in there.

Al Smith WA2TAG Aldelco Semi-Conductor Supermarket Lynbrook NY

»ho got me interested in bam radio bv sending me a radiogram. He is trying to find a class for me so I can learn code arnl theory. It will take me a long time before E get on the air. So until I get on i:he air 1 will say "73" to ail ham operators.

Larry McKinney 424 Grant Road Adamstown PA 19501

Keep up ihe good work on computer theory and construction,

T. D. Miller III W4SWB Burlington NC


t got some Issues of 73 tyagszirw and I like them very much. I am not a ham operator but a ham OXer. I do shortwave listening as a hobby. I enjoy listening to ham operators. They are very smart at the hobby. I don't understand a thing they talk about.

I am going to try my hand at ham radio and gel my Novice license, 1 am so thankful for other ham operators who can hefp me. They are all so willing to give me their time and! help, J am greatful to Dudley WA3JXW,

I have a suggestion for you (and especially your readers* to consider: ll would tike to see an idea swapping feature each month.

Every one of your readers has creative talent and I think that it should be shared. Maybe someone has a neat idea for a piece of equipment or a plan for using a different mode. Perhaps they have thought up a useful computer program or fun game, but they don't have the computer to run it. Maybe they just aren't any good at building things and they wouEd tike to pass the idea along to someone else.

The thing that would probably bo the best feature of such a idea swap would be idea hitchhiking. The actual suggestions might not work out, but they might start someone else thinking about how to make it work.

I have seen pfenty of idea generation material in the "Letters" cotumn, and I've only had a subscription for live months. I think that ideas, oven half baked ones, should be encouraged- The world and ham radio needs creative thinking.

Also, I have an idea that I would like to s&e passed along to microprocessor and BTTY enthusiasts Ikev hoard Morse types as well). The "standard" typewriter keyboard is an awkward, difficult thing to team and use. 11 was developed over a half a century ago to slow down the typist because the parly typewriters were slow, cumbersome pieces of machinery that ¡ammed up it the typist hod even moderate skin, in the early 30s, A. Dvorak developed a keyboard that doubled the average person's typing speed and reduced learning time, as weH as reduced fatigue and frustration for the beginner. The concept was to put the most used keys on the "home" row of keys, nut the most used ke,s under the strongest fingers, and put the vowels together. The tast was done because most words alternate between vowels and consonants, which leads to alternate hand rhythm.

It seems to me that if you are building or work>ng with a keyboard that you can re wire, the Dvorak system js worth considering "Standard" qwertyuiop asdfghjkf; zxcvbnm,./ "Dvorak" A.pyfgcrf aoeuidhtns ;qjkxbmwv2

James Whitfield PSC Box 3204 Edwards AFB CA 93523

I received my first copy of 73 for May and I sure do like it. But it sure upset me about one thing. Thar is about Trigger Electronics, witli which Larry 5. Lawhorn WA4MJA had trouble. I myself ordered S47 20 of amateur gear from ihem on Apr HI 6th and sent a cashier s check by bank draft, i have written them once and

called them long distance twice. I have not got the order or my money I am trying my best to get it and it I don't I wanl alJ hams and 73 to know it also, i have been a ham since 1961 and would not do any of my Jet low hams that way. I want to warn all fellow hams. 1 will let you know the results. I am retired and Social Security is my only income and \ cannoi afford many losses like this. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next issue-

Horace M, Lewey, Sr. WA4CUD

Greensboro NC

I have received on this dayr the third of May, all ^c the same lime, 73 Magazine for June, 1976, OST for May, 1976, and CQ for April, 1976. What does aEI this mean? Cheers!

Paul G, Stecker Westwood NJ

Your ?3 article {'Those Exciting Memory Chips/' June, page 96) was very good, I'm Trying to get some of this new solid state down, btit my thick irish skull can't seem to absorb it. Anyway, thanks for the fine article.

Jim Sullivan W1PSW Woburn MA

The Missouri Department of Revenue will honor all requests for bicentennial call letter plates. Ail requests must he written and should contain the applicant's name, address, type oi vehicle, current call letter^ bicentennial call letters which they are requesting, and must be received before July 1( 1976. The requests should be mailed to the Motoi Vehicle Bureau, Box 100, Jofferson City MO 65101, Attention: Special License Unil The fee for jII Amateur Radio ptates, regular or bicentennial, is an sddFE onal 55.00 over the normal cost of license plates

C. A. Jürgens, Jr. WA0CMO Jefferson City MO

This is a report on the operation of FK0KG, a YASME DXpedition to Noumea, New Caledonia.

The first QSO was with JA1AB on 30 March 1976, and the last QSO .was with FG7AQ on 28 April 1976. Some 7,500 QSOs were made, operating on 28 MHi, 21 MHz, 14 MHz, 7 MH? and 3.5 MHz Operation on all bands was made on both CW and SSB (appro*. 50% each mode).

On 16 April 1976 ail continents (WAC) were worked on 7 MHz CW in two hours and & minutes. QSOs .--ere F9YZ {0605 Zl K6HMO (0603 2), ZL2AMP (0625 Z), PY1ARS.4 (0630 Z), EA8BF (Q80B 2)t and JA1A8U (0809 Z).

We were amazed to discover Noumea to be the largest and most modern town that w*r have visited in the Pacific Ocean areas (excluding HonoEulu). »t is a "liule Paris/' with many beautiful homes, apartment buildings, modern department stores, traffic jams, eic. Some of the local city buses h;ive true hi-fi stereo sound on them for the enjoyment ol The passenger?. Sneakers on one side of the bus are on one channel and speakers on the other side are on another channel. The only problem with Noumea is that everyone speaks French. We know a little French but could hgve enjoyed the city more if our French was better.

The taking of radio geai in and out of New Caledonia was easy, and our licenses to operate were obtained rapidly. All in all, it was a gre?t placi1 for a DXpedition. We had a good time, and band conditions, although erratic, were good,

Lloyd ColvinWSKG Iris Colvin W6DOD Noumea. New Caledonia

The Mount Airy VHF Radio Club (The Pack Rats) is pleased to announce that it has received per mission from the Colombian Minister of Communications to conduct a moonbounce experiment from Souih America on 432 MHi.

As of April 27, no South American continent stations had been available

Ham Help

I need Ham Help1

Gregory L. Smith 5SÖ4 West Overland Pass Peoria IL 61607 (309f 697-3324

Keep up the very good work on your magazine. It's the best in my book Love everything im the issues, even the advertising.

Would like to get in touch with someone owning a Kenwood TS-51 IS transceiver I have been on the ail lor a year now and stili haven't heard anyone with this kind of set. Would like to compare notes ;ind iron out few problems I have with the set. Thank you.

Leo Pa tin WB9PCO 1800 North Timber Trail Lane Oconomowoc Wt 53066

for 432 MHz EME work. The station willl be located near Bar ranqu ills and will be operated by S. William Olson W3HQT, Walter Bolman K3BPP, and Anthony Souzd W3HJV1U. Arrange ments for the trip are beino made by Bolmar Aguilar WB3AOP, Elliott Weisman K3JJZ, and Socrates Martinez WB3AFY.

Colombian liaison is being handled by Dr Atenogenes Blanco HK1BYMr who has coordinated a group of radio amateurs in Colombia representing all of 1 he active radio clubs in Barran quilla {HK1RCB, HK 1 EE, HK1LR}. Or. Blanco's address is Apartado Aereo 15 020. Sarranquilla. Colombia, South America

Operation will be on 432.040 MHz, using a portable 16 yagi array especially constructed for this project. Liaison during the South American operation will be maintained with Pack Rat stations stateside. Those wishing to convey information to the expeditionary force should contact Ernie Kenas W3KKN or Bertha Kenas W3TNP, 2823 Old Welsh Road, Willow Grove PA 19090, (215^ 659 3485.

Communications with Lhe expeditionary force in Colombia may be obtained via Or, Bfanco, whose address is listed above.

It is our intent io work as many of the 432 moonbounce stations as possible from this location, and schedules have l>een made with all of the 432 EME suit ions known to be active ui this tlnte. Anyone requiring additional information with regard to the expedition may contact me

Elliott T. Weisman K3JJZ 8533 Algon Ave.

Philadelphia PA 19152 {212) 742-3525

I recently placed an order with Aftaj Electronics, for the miserly sum of $3 79 Although AJta; it Texas based, and I live in Mass., I received the order (in perfect condition) in less than five Full days, Furthermore, the shipping cost, for which Altai picked up the full tab, came to Si,40

J wonder if ail of your readers are aw^re of the fact that this outfit has no minimum ord-.?r, and ¡absolutely does not charge for postage or handling.

Malcolm Leonard New Bedlord IVIA

Received my MAY issue of 73 today In March uh, but, you see. er that is to say. uh, how - I've ww — no one — er. not even - no' it's just not — uh, especially since - and then too, there's, uh - son of a gun* Great! f articles, too1 Uke it'

Bud Resch W0FTD Independence MO

I feel I should write you in regard to one ol your advertisers in 73.

tn April I saw an ad from Wrada 214 and ordered an amplifier from there, it was to be complete with face plate and knob&. The ordei came bv mail (postpaid) in less than a week. Really pleased me with their prompt service, Bui, it was missing the knobs. A little disappointment, but knobs are cheap, no sweat, Tuesday of the next week, before I had a chance to either rewrite them or buy knobs, another package comes from Verada 214 not only the knobs for the tuner, but a short note fTOm J. Rutherford, apolcv rjizing for the mistake.

I certainly would recommend tham to any of your readers- Add Verada 214 to the long list of people that are F+B.

Thanks for a fine mag (lifetime subscriber to 73), and for your riedica lion to allowing only reliable com. panies to place ads in your mag.

Harry Mitchell WB2SFZ Baldwinsvilie NY

Just a little note to let you know about VHF activity in VK. Plenty of FM activity - repeaters in all capitdl cities and big towns. Mostly com mercial gear - I COM 22s, TRIOs, etc. The advent of the YAESU 620 and 220 VHF SSB gear has given it a big boost. Since the commencement of the year, the new iCOM IC-202 and IC 502 low power portable 6 and 2fri SSB gear has made VHF even more popular. Some surprising QSOs ovor amazing distances with the little units. Everyone is making solid state linears run 10 W and 40 W PEP. OSCAR 6 and OSCAR 7 are accessible with the units and [he linear and a moderate beam. 2Ls and P29s are some of the DX

S- J. Mahony VK521M Elizabeth Downs South Australia

After the customary six week incubation period following each and every subscription application, 1 received the May '76 copy of 73 and have spent about a month memorizing every page. This done, 1 eaqeriy antici p^ted the rv^Kt month s copy. Yester day I received the April '76 copy, which I am likewise digesting, and fm sure I will be equally anxious for the March f76 copy. Keep up the good work!

LyJe Ross W5UP0 Richardson TX

P,S, Please don't bother to send the January '76 issue because a fellow ham who received six copies gave one to me.

Jusi a few words along with my Reader Service requests to say that your code tapes grwtl I just hstened to the five worris per minute tape r.'verv now and then, and afieT a couple of weeks 1 had passed my Novice code test with ease, I'm now awaiting my Novice license, and looking forward to getting on the air.

Gary E Szatkowski Sault Sm. Marie Mi

P.S, t also compliment your Reader Service and its speedy replies - and the overall magazine Keep st up1

I hereby submit my first letter to your honorable publication, which ] was introduced to by Ken Cole W71DF, and have anxiously awaited receipt Of each and every month.

Just read your May letters column, and agree with Steve Uhng WA3SWS. How obout a "White House" type article on 73, Inc.? We must know what ihe people who run the magazine look, act, and operate like. Pictures, especially, would help. Let's Hear it . ♦. and see il f

Excellent magazine you've got there, and keep up the good work.

includinq subversive activities in an attempt to overthrow the ARRL regime* if that's what you're after. FrB.r

As a CBer and ham, I can appro-ciate all of what both titles stand for. Being KDZ-9707 has its advantages over WN7AVF, and vice vrrsa. Person alfy, I think the CB situation is and or wilt get better 10-4?

More basic logic articles like you had lasc year, F.B. on your new I/O section, Only wish J coold afford a microprocessor.

New format is good. All good things must come ro an end, and the old minisize did. Bifj size offers more room, detail, and ease oi reading. I give my full approval.

Before you get too earned away with this computer bit, as I said before, include more basic explanations for us Novices and equally unm formed Extras if there are any

Have one of your tapes, the 14 per one. Will say I listened a torat of 3 hours to be aliie to pass the General. Great iapels} . , . used it twice, si ice l failed the written part the first time.

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