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How; would you like to make S50 io S300 a month for a couple days of work? With the increased interest in amateur radio and 73 Magazine result ir*) irom the CB exptosion, thtjre is a big need for 73 to be distributed on the newsstands. If you would like to become a 73 regional newsstand distributor you might be able to make a nice extra bit of money.

Distribution in the newsstand field is set up with regional wholesalers, each of which services a hundred or so newsstands. These chaps handle so many magazines that most of them don't want to be bothered with a new One , „ . particularly ore of such esoteric Interest as 73> They prefer to deal exclusively with national distribu tors so they get their magazines in large bunches and have just one set of forms to fill out for a large number of magazines.

After trying two different national distributors and finding ourselves fairly well convinced that this was a bad way to do business, we have cancelled our national distribution sales contracts and are working via local wholesalers exclusively.

If you would like to be considered as a local wholesaler please drop our Marketing Manager Sherry Smythe a note and tell her what area you want to cover, how many newsstands you would service, and about how many copies you would like to start with. Yon only have to fiay for sold copies, so you can't lose.

How do the economics work? You buy copies for 75c each and stilJ them to the newsstands for SI.00. They seN them for $1,50, making □ 50% profit. You make for each copy sold Thus you make $25 for each hundred copies sold in your area. You have to go around once a month and deliver the new issues, pick up the unsold issues, and collect for those sold. It s fun and it's profitable. And who knows, once you have the route set up and your contacts, you might want to try handling a few more magazines , , ^t least until your spare time is used up. The deliveries can be made evenings end Saturdays *, , records can be kept evenings. And who couldn't use a few hundred extra dollars a month?

iVffte Sherry Smythe, 73 V tgazme. Peterborough NH 03458,


For years I ve been bumbling along, vaguely aware of a problem, but not coming up with a solution. Now t think I've got s splendid plan which will help everyone involved

The other day I was talking with a manufacturer. He was griping because I ran a picture of a competing product as an illustration in an article. What made the situation really bad for him was that we were running his ads and not those of the competitor. He was aggrieved . , < and I would have been too were 1 in his shoes.

My suggestion was that instead of hassling me about it, he should make sure that I had plenty of photos of his products on hand. I reminded him that I had visited his plant and asked that he send pictures for just this use, but had not yet gotten anything, I further pointed out that since his product was a most interesting ore, he could do a lot worse than have a writer prepare an article or even a series of articles about the products he was making. These articles should discuss the design philosophy, the uses, The benefits to thi? user , , , and in general tell everything possible about the product.

The manufacturer liked the idea, but said he had no one on his staff who could write these articles. . . and didn't even know anyone who could do the job . , . who would t suggest? I pulled a name out of the hat and he is going to contact the writer. Hopefully the result wiil be a very interesting series of articles ,.. . absolutely pure gold sales literature tn reprints , . and a writer who has made a big bundle writing on contract for the firm

Though I have more than enough to do without getting into the manufac turer writer marriage business, l wili be gfad to help writers contact Firms who need material prepared. And vice versa.

There js no question thai such articles are wanted , . every Time I do get one. the reader response is most gratifying. Th<: big problem is getting the articles written,

If you are a 73 writer you might take a good look at any relatively new piece of equipment you've been using and get in touch with the manufac turer to see if he might be interested in underwriting an article on the unit for submission to 73. I don't guarantee publication, naturally, but you know that I am hot for such material and if it is at all usable you won't be able to keep me from grabbing it.

One word oi warning to both writers and manufacturers no one truly believes that any equipment is perfect, so be sure to emphasize the good points and mention the draw backs „. rt will make for a lot more reader credibility anil, in the end, result in a lot more sates.

There is <\ great temptation to try and shush problems , . , like the early

Clegg miseries with LEDs burning out. They burnt out one right after the other, and after a few days you couldn'i tell what frequency was being tead out Sure, they solved the problem . . . but they missed a lot of PR and attention by not making a big deal out of the problem and the solution.

t think that a good writer could make a lot of money writing for the manufacturers. A big firm should be abte to pay S500 to S1000 for a good article, and a writer can easily turn out a dozen of those a year in his spare time. Even at today's inflated costs that is a nice bit of change.

The field is not restricted to ham gear either .. . 1 know that I'm interested in material or equipment of interest to the bam, the experimenter, the computer hobbyist, and even the CBer. We've gor some CB plans alv?ad and want to get ready for that, whether it be a series oi books or a magazine,

I've mentioned this before, but a lot of amateurs have rrmsed it , , . and a letter from a reader tn Kentucky brought it to mind . . when you go to the FCC to take a 5 wpm test you'd better be able to copy each character at 13 wpm with the spacing between characters at 5 wpm. This is the way you are taught on the 73 code lapes, by the way, so if yoo Nnd yourself called down to the candy factory for a retest, get hot with the »6 cassette.

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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