Hy Gain Model 3750 Service Manual





Hygain 3750

If you are PLANNING TO PURCHASE A NEW TRANSCEIVER, why not GET THE BEST? You should give serious consideration to the new Hy-Gain 3750 Transceiver. With it you can expect superioi performance that will surpass the demands of even the most experienced amateur.

The advantages of the new 3750 are many. For starters, more operating frequencies to choose from means more operating fun for the serious radio amateur. With 160 meters fast becoming the favorite of more operators each day, the addition of this band to your shack can only add to your enjoyment of your favorite hobby. Not only more frequencies, but also the greater accuracy of the digital readout make operating the 3750 a real pleasure. With readout to 100 Hz and WWV receive for calibration, you always know exactly where you are. As an added bonus, there is also a memory circuit which will allow you to return to an interesting spot on the band without writing down the frequency. With the optional 3855 VFO you can split TX/RX frequencies for operating DX. The 3855 also has provision for adding up to seven crystal controlled channels.

The 3750 is a pleasure to operate, but it is a dream to listen to. You will never again be annoyed by the roar of a cooling fan. The three tubes are cooled by a fan that is not only whisper quiet, but is also standard equipment. And,, you can forget about mage and spurious response problems thanks to the narrow band SSB crystal filter in the first t-f. Intermodulation and cross modulation perfoimance are enhanced through the use of dual-gate MOS FETs at all critical rf amplifier and mixer stages. To help cut down the strength of the OM using the California kW, a handy rf attenuator is included. For CW operators, the selectivity is -6 dB @ 400 Hz and -66 dB @ 1.8 kHz,

The same high standard of performance is found in the Transmitter section! Average power output is kept at a high level Through the use of an audio compression circuit and automatic level control. The microphone compression circuit gives 20 dB of audio compression and the ALC provides an additional 20 dB to prevent "flat topping" and transmitted adjacent channel splatter. To help reduce the QRN from the neighbors over the subject of TVI. a low pass filter is included in the output state. Speaking of the output stage, it uses two specially developed S-2002 tubes for high peak power output with maximum plate dissipation characteristics. The VFO section of the 3750 delivers an exceptionally stable signal. Drift is less than 500 Hz from turn-on to 10 minutes and less than 100 Hz after a 30 minute warm-up.

Other features include a noise blanker, VOX, and side-tone circuits. All stages have been by-passed and tightly sealed to improve performance and reduce internally generated "birdies" to the minimum possible.

The advanced features of the HY-GAIN 3750 make it quiet a bargain at only S1895.00. For more information, or to place an order, call TOLL FREE 800-251-6771. In Tennessee, call 800-262-6706. Master Charge and Bank Americard are welcome.

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