Why wait an-, longer fof a rig that offers top performance dependability and versatility ... the TS-520 has proven itself in the shacks of thousands of discriminating amateurs .n field ciay sites, in DX and contest stations and in countless mobile installations Superb craftsmanship rs evident throughout in its engineering concepts as well as its construction and styling craftsmanship that es a Kenwood hallmark,

Maybe the Kenwood TS-520 is the one you have been waiting for

The SP 520 is an external speaker designed tor use with the Kenwood TS-520 The SP-520 can be used in piof the tranceiver's built-in speaker for belter readability The speaker s cabinet matches the TS-520 front panel to provide a clean looking integrated statton

The VFQ-520 >s a solid state remote VFO designed to match the TS-520 perfectly It allows VFO controlled cross channel operation when connected to the transceiver A built-in RIT circuit, with an LED inbicaio-permits receiver incremental tuning

The TV-502 rransverter puis you on 2-meters the easy way Simply plug it in and you re on the air. Operates m ihe ¡44 0 145 7 MHz frequency range with a 145 0146 0 MHz option. The TV-502 fs completely compatible with the TS-520 and the TS-820.

Kenwood 599d

Kenwood developed the T-5990 transmitter and R-599D*receiver foi the mosl discriminating amateur

The R 599D is the most complete receiver ever offered. It entirely solid-state superbly reliable and compact It covers the full smatein band, 10 through 160 meters. CW. LSB, USB. AM and FM.

'Ihe 1 599D is solid-state with the exception of only three tubes has built-in power supply and full metering It operates CW LSB USB and AM and o1 course, is a perfect match to the R-599D receivei

II you havr never considered the advantages of operating a receiver transmitter combination maybe you should. Because of the lartjei number of controls and dual VFOs the combination off; rs flexibility impossibfc^ 10 duplicate with ji transceiver.

Compare the specs of the R-599D and the T-5990 with any other brand Remember the R-599D is ail solid stiite (and includes four filters) Your choice will obviously be ihe Kenwood

Dependable operation, superior specifications and excellent features make the R-300 an unexcelled value for the shortwave listener It offers full band coverage with a frequency range of 170 KHz to 30.0 MHz Receives AM, SSB and CW Features large, easy to read drum dials with fast smooth dial action Band spread is calibrated for the 10 foreign broadcast bands, easily tuned with the use of a built In 500 KHz calibrator Automatic noise limiter 3 way power supply system (AC/Batteries/ External DC) ♦. ♦ take it anyplace Automatically switches to battery power in the event of AC powei failure

The Kenwood HS-4 headphone sot adds versatility to any Kenwood &iaiionH For extended periods of wear, the HS 4 ts. comfortably padded and is completely adjustable The frequency response ot the HS 4 is tailored specifically for amateur communication use (300 to 3000 Ms, S ohms),

The MC 50 dynamic microphone has been designed expressly for amateur radio operation as a spiendid addition 10 any Kenwood shack Complete wiih PTT and LOCK switches, and a microphone plug for instant hook-up to any Kenwood rig. Easily converted to high or low impedance (600 or 50k ohm).

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