Circuit Mic Kenwood

The radio

No crystals needed! Phase lock loop circuit!

3-way metering, discriminator zero center!

Repeater offset — up, down, (standard or special)?

Crystal calibrator!

Clarifier offset tuning!

MONITOR • Built-in monitor circuit allows you to hear your own voice by sampling the RF signal Especially useful for adjusting the RF Processor.

Wl -Afc TheTS-820 uses an efficient noise blanker circuit, another Kenwood exclusive. A special crystal filter assures unsurpassed efficiency in eliminating unwanted pulse noises.

Kenwood's well deserved reputation for fine craftsmanship and superb performance has never been more evident than in theTS-820. As a result of a host of innovative features being brought together, the 820 offers a degree of versatility, performance and pleasure second to none.

The Kenwood TS-820 is destined to be the world's new standard of excellence in amateur radio for years to come ... a true "Pacesetter".

The VFO-820 is a solid state remote VF0 designed exclusively for use with the Kenwood TS-820 Pacesetter. The VF0-820 has its own R IT circuit and control switch It is fully compatible with the optional digital display in the TS-820 The perfect extra to any Pacesetter station.

digital holt A single pushbutton switch offers the operator unprecedented versatility The digital hold circuit will lock the counter and display at any frequency, but will allow the VFO to tune normally. Ever wanted to return to a certain spot on the band and forgotten the frequency? That won't happen again with the new digital hold feature on the Kenwood TS-820.

circuit provides quick time constant compression using a true RF compressor as opposed to an IF clipper. Amount of compression is adjustable to the desired level by a convenient front panel control.

The IF SHIFT control varies the IF passband without changing the receive frequency. This "IF shift" control is located on the front panel and provides excellent unwanted signal reject control or "pass band tuning." The 820 moves the signal across the IF pass band not the pass band across the signal.

1 E JUi >H Easy, one touch activation of the attenuator supplies 20 dB of padding on receive.

H > A voice-activated microphone circuit is built into the TS-820 with VOX GAIN. ANTIVOX. and VOX DELAY controls placed on the front panel for convenient adjustment any time.

160 METERS • Full band covafiigti employs the Ibtbsi phase lock loop circuitry The single conversion receiver section performance otters superb protection against unwanted cross-modulation. And now, PLL allows the frequency to remain the same when switching sidebands (USB, LSB, CW) and eliminates having to recalibrate each time.

RF MEOAtlVE FEEDBACK »The Ilift-ea/ity of the TS 8ZQ ^ fjnal amplifier stage is now one of the be^t on nhe air Third order imormodulation prod ucts are 35 db or greater below the output signal. RF Negative Feedback from the PA piste circuit to tha driver cathode permits a high degice of fin earity at the high power level oi the final tubes.

K I ■ During receive, an easy to read meter functions an S-mecer, The same meter displays ALC level, plate current, RF output, and plate voltage during transmit Includes COMP setting for adjusting the compression love I of the built in speech processor

£ I The TS 820 .s compietely solid escept for the driver J12BY7A} and the final tubes Rather than substitute TV Wweep tubes as final amplifier iub- > in a state of the art amaieui transceiver Kenwood hns employed two husky S 2001A (equivalent to6M6B}tub* s. These rugged, time-proven tube^ ire known for their long life and superb line a r it y The input power of the TS-820 is conservatively rated at 160 W DC, 200 W PEP Tubes run cool with the did of a noiseless i^n |&te*trt>irdj mounted on the rear panel The above tube and power combination mini miies the possibilities oi TVl and helps to maintain <ho Kenwood 'tip utation for excellent audio quality.

DIGITAL READOUT DG-1 - [optional) A digital counter display can bo em ployed as an Integral part oi the VFO readout system. Counter mixes ihe carrier, VFO, and first heterodyne frequencies to give *imcr frequency Figures the frequency down to 10 Hz end digital display reads out to 100 Hz. Both receive and transmit frequencies are displayed in easy to read. Kenwood Blue digits

DRS DIAL • Includes the same satin-smooth planetary drivti found on other fine Kenwood models plus special. high-precision g^ars to add o new "monoflcele feature for easier frequency readout LSB USB. and CW operating frequencies can be accurately read from the seme pointer i*EATe i S I■ The filaments of the three vacuum tubes may be turned off during periods of 'receive only

CW AUDIO CHARACTERISTICS ♦ During CW reception, a special filter ts used to alter the ;iudfO frequency response to provide a more comfort* able, easy to copy tone

The VFO heart of any SSB transceiver ¡b an exclusive Kenwood design using FET technology

Other features include'

• Built-tn 25 kHz calibrator'

• Rear panel terminals for linear amplifier IF OUT RTTY and XVTR

• Handy phone patch IN and OUT terminais

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