Surplus Circuit Boards W0FEV 28 Mar

The Perils and Pleasures of Surplus Shopping . . . Thompson 30 Mar

Space Age Junque W9CGI 34 Mar

A PC Board Bonanza WA4LAM/W5SAY 38 Mar

Government Surplus: Is It All Gone? WN5NBE 40 Mar

How to Use Surplus Pots W80NPN 108 Mar

Tech Manuals K40RT 140 May

Space Age Junque II W9CGI 84 Sept

Simple Graphics Terminal — using inexpensive surplus equipment K1MRK, Ciarcia 116 Sept

Blowtorch Your ICs VE3FEZ 101 Oct

Get on Six with Surplus WA5HLE 40 Nov

$25 for a Connector? You're Crazy! W9DOR 56 Hoi

Surplus Headset Mod K2EE 107 Hoi

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