Telex Cm-1210 Headset And Microphone

ANTLER A-280 2m mobile antenna

39.95 list price Call for quoted

The Ham ill rotor sets new levels of rolor performance^ Snap action switched wedqe brake & rotational controls brings pinpoint accuracy to any directional beam New motor and brake designs offering pre brake action stronger iock-in place action, make the Ham III ideal for in-tower mounting.

159,95 Call for quote

The A-280 is as close to the ideal antenna as you can get. Features

• 47" tapered 17-7 starless steel whip

• Magnetic mount has roof-top stabitity to withstand winds up to 100 MPH.


antenna rotor

YAESU QTR-24 world clock

Features world time at a glance Time in any pnncipai Cfty or time zone can be coordinated with local time on a 2*i-hour basis The Time Zone Hour Disc automatically retains the correct time Uses one "C" battery.

35.00 Call for yours today.

TELEX CM-1320 headset

This is Telex's best headset. It's the top of the line with a ceramic, boom microphone, high impedance SDK. and the hcoice of DX-peditions, Don t wait Order today

71.70 Call ior yours today.

Telex Wireless Headset Microphone

TELEX CB-1200 Mobile "FM"

VHF House or Mobile-high performance audio on transmit and receive. Fet amplifier, tow Z microphone Earphone 8 ohms —

in-line PTT

59.95 Call for yours today.

TELEX ProCom I Electret mobile microphone

"Broadcast quality" -- "clarity and cnspness.'1 describe the audio of the electret. Useable in iow impedance. 1A volt battery (included) also powers and 10dB amplifier.

19.95 Call for yours (oday

Amateur Radio Equipment 1979

TELEX HMC-2 lightweight headphones

These headphones are featherweight aluminum The underchin tone arms direct signals into the ear. Great for contests. 1.2 ozs,, 100-3000 hzri iow impedance, and 8-20 ohms-

13.85 Cafl tor yours today.

TELEX HTC-2 lightweight headphone

Lightest dual driver headset Choice of the'pros'who must wear them for hours 1.6 ounces 1003.000 Hz Low impedance, 8-20 ohms.

22.00 Call for yours today

TELEX CM 1320-S single earpiece headset

If you prefer a single earpiece headset, choose this top quality one. This has a ceramic, boom microphone, high impedance obile operation, and a choice of X-peditions.

.25 Cali for yours today.

TELEX CM-1210 headset with microphone

Ceramic, 50,000 ohms. Ideal for iraffic nets.

59.75 Call for yours today

Telex Wireless Headset Microphone

TELEX HFC-91 lightweight headphone

Ultra-iight underchin headphone Accoustic delay ot 1 millisecond enhances intelligibility on CW or SSB Low impedance 8-20 ohms. Shaped response 100-3.000 Hz, 1.5 ounces.

8.95 Call for yours today.

Remember, you can Call Toll Free: 1-800-633-3410 in the U.S.A. or call 1-800-292-8668 in Alabama for our low price quote. Store hours: 9:00 AM til 5:30 PM, Monday thru Friday

^ Longs Electronics


Gain Antenna

HY-GA1N TH6DXX The Ultimate tribander

Gasn 8.7 dB • FronMo-back ratio 25 dB • SWR (at resonance) less than 1,5:1 • Number of elements 6 * Frequency 10, 15. and 20 meters * Longest element 31.1' • Boom length 24 * Wind load at 80 m p.h.H 207 lbs. * Surface area 8 09 sq ft, Balun BN-86 recommended 15 95

296.95 Jist. CaU for quote.

HY-GAIN 244 tri-barid quad antenna

2 element Hy-Guad for 20. 15 & 10 meters Horizontally polarized spreaders have Cycolac® insulators Full-wave element loops require no tuning stubs, traps, loading cofls or bafuns & delivers 8.5 dB gain

229.95 CaH for quote.

WILSON SYSTEM I 10, 15, 20 meter tribander

A DX'ers delight! A fuJI 26' boom with 4 activeelementson 20 meters. 4 operational elements on all 3 bands. Gain: 10 dB, F/B ratio: 20-25 dB. Surface area 8.6 sqH ft. Longest element 267". Balun BN-86 optional 16.95,

274.95 list price. Can for quote.

CUSHCRAFT ARX-2 2m antenna

Three V6 waves in phase and a V6 wave matching stub. Extremely low angle of radiation for better signal coverage. Tumable over a broad Treq, range. Matched to 52 ohm coax.

32.95 Call for yours today.

WILSON SYSTEM 2 10, 15, 20 meter tribander

A tribander featuring gain 8.5, 4-elements, 14-21-28 MHz. VSWR 1.5:1, boom length 18'6", longest element 26'7J'T surface area 6.15 sq, ft. and F/B ratio 20-25 dB

219,95 list. Call for quote.

CUSHCRAFT ATV5 trapped vertical antenna

Five band operation on 80 thru 10 meters, high Q traps are optimized for wide operating bandwidth, instructions provided for adjusting resonance to preferred part of band, built-in coaxjaJ conn , hgt, 293'\ 2000 watts PEP on aM bands. The ATV-4 is for 4 band use. List Price 89 95.

109,95 List. Call for quote.

HUSTLER 4-BTV vertical antenna

The 4-BTV HF fixed station four bander features 10, 15. 20. and 40 meter coverage, switching or matching devices not required. RM 75 option may be added for 75 meter coverage. 215" long, 2000 watts PEP power rating bandwidth SWR 16:1 or better at band edges. Guaranteed easy assembly

99.95 Call for quote.

CUSHCRAFT A147-11 2m antenna

The H-element antenna is rated at 1000 watts with direct 52 ohm feed and PL-259 connectors Boom length 144 ins Longest etement 40 ins Gain F B ratio dB: 13.2/28. Freq 146-148 MHz Wind area 1 21 sq. ft.

34.95 CaH for yours today

Remember, you can Call ""'oil Free: 1-800-633-3410 in the U S A, or call 1-800-292-8668 m Alabama for our low price quote. Store hours; 9:00 AM til 5:30 PM, Monday thru Friday.

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