Free Mfj Manual 8043

Grandmaster Keyer

A keyer with memory. Has speed Control 8 10 50 WPMH LED to Show which memory i$ in use and when it ends, has record and playback control, and has up to twelve 25 character messages plus a 100. 75t 50 or 25 character messages.

139.95 CaU for yours today.

MFJ 721 Super selector CW/SSB filter

Th^s new filter g,ves /ou 80 Hz BW steep SSB skLrts noise (timing 2 watts for the speaker select your bandwidth and has an 8 poie active IC filter.

59.95 Caft for yours today.

MFJ ftF ÖRlCcr

MFJ 8013 ECOm

MFJ-202 RF noise bridge

Adjust your antenna quickly tor maximum performance. Measure resonant frequency, radiation resistance and reactance Has exclusive range extender and expanded capacitance range (+ 150 pf) for extended measuring range. Uses 9 V battery.

49,95 Call for yours today.

MFJ-941 Versa Tuner II

MFJ's new Versa Tuner II has: • SWR * Dual rane wattmeter • Antenna switch • Efficient airwound inductor * Built-in 1:4 balun * Up to 300 watts RF output * Transmitter & antenna matching capacitors; 2QÖ pf. 1000 V spacing,

79.95 Gall for yours today.

MFJ 400 econo keyer

Speed 8 to 50 wpm pull-to-tune, adjustable sidetone and volume, internal weight control lets you adjust dot-dash space ratio Dot memory. May be used with squeeze key for iambic operation.

39.95 Call for yours today





MFJ 8043 IC deluxe keyer

8043 IC features; * 4-way sending iambic, automatic, semi-auto. & manual • Iambic squeeze key operation * Semi-auto bug operation provides auto dots & manual dashes * Dot memory self-completing dots & dashes * Totally RF proof * Solid-state keying * Weight & tone control • Optional squeeze key shown only 29 95.

69.95 Cat! for yours today

MFJ-LSP-520BX logarithmic speech processor

Up to 400% more RF power Plug the unit in between mic. and transceiver and its "solid copy OM '. * 30 dB dynamic range IC tog amp and 3 active filters give clean audio • RF protected • Uses 9V battery * Has 3 conductor phono jacks for input & output

59.95 Call for yours today.

Remember, you can Call Toll Free: 1-800-633-3410 in the USA. or call 1-800-292-8668 in Alabama for our tow price quote. Store hours: 9:00 AM til 5:30 PM, Monday thru Friday

MFJ CWF-2BX super CW filter

The MFJ CW filter has: * Selectable band width 80 110. 180 Hz*60dB down one octave from center frequency of 750 Hz for 80 Hz BW • Reduces noise 15 dB * 9 V battery* Plugs in between receiver and phones • 8-pole active IC filter.

29,95 Call for yours today.

Dentron 2000a Antenna Tuner Manual


DENTRON DTR-2000L Precision linear amplifier

Features range from a Broadcast proven 8877 tube to a continuous duty built-in power supply with a vacuum impregnated power transformer Cooling rs EiMAC spec, forced air dual metering and more. Freq 15-160 meter bands - 1.823,50 MHz. 2000W P E.P

1099,50 Call for quote

DENTRON MLA-2500B linear amplifier

The world famous MLA-250QB has the EIMAC 8875 work horse finals, self-contained continuous duty power supply full complement metering and controls from the front panel plus new High-Low po ver sw-tching. Freq ange 18 MHz-21 MM/ 2000 W P E P

899.50 Call for quote.

DENTRON MT-2000A antenna tuner

An economical fuJJ power tuner designed to handle virtually any type of antenna Features: * Continuous tuning 1.9 to 30 MHz * Handles a full 3 KW PEP * Front panel coax bypass switching * Built-in 3-core balun Front panel grounding switch,

199.95 Call for quote.

DENTRON MT-3000A antenna tuner

The MT-3000A js Oentron's ultimate tuner Tunes 3 coax, random wire and balanced feed system, just select the one Handles ¡n excess of 3KW PEP • Built-in 50 ohm-250W dummy load * Dual watt meters • 3 core heavy-duty Balun.

349.50 Call for quote

DENTRON Super Tuner Plus

1000 wan CW and 1200 watt SSB continuous tuning from 1 8 to 30 MHz selectable antenna functions, alternate output, and coaxial tuning.

149-50 Call for quote

DENTRON ^ Big Dummy Load

Tune-up oft the arr with Dendon's Big Dummy Load A full power dummy load, it has a flat SWR. full frequency coverage from 1 8 to 300 MHz A high grade industrial cooling oil is furnished with the unit. Fully assembled and warranted. Help cut out the QRM factor NOW!

29.50 Cali for yours today.

DENTRON AH Band Doublet antenna

• Has a total length of 130 feel fl4 ga stranded copper) * Center fed through 100 ft of 470 ohm PVC covered balanced transmission line

• Assembly complete * "Tune 10 Ihru 160 with one antenna * (Requires antenna tuner)

24.50 Call for yours today

DENTRON Clipperton L

160 thru 15 meters 2000 watts PEP on SSB, 1000 watts DC on CW, RTTY, or SSTV. covers most MARS frequencies just outside Ham bands, and easily changed 117V or 234V AC 50-60 Hz.

599.50 Call for quote

Remember, you can Calf Toll Free; 1-800-633-3410 in the U.S A Of call 1-800-292-8668 in Alabama for our low pnee.quote. Store hours 9:00 AM til 5:30 PM. Monday thru Friday

Ghost Spells

INNERSPACE IPS 30 D digital amp.

Has an output voltage of 3-14 VDC„ continuous current 20, primary fuse 1CA. DC output fuse 30A, power req 110-130 VAC 50/60 Hz, and has a digital readout

349.95 Call tor quote.

INNERSPACE IPS 30 M analog amp. -

Has an output voltage of 3-14 VDC> continuous current: 20h power req. 110-130 VAC 50/60 Hz, DC output tuse 30A, primary fuse 10A, and has meters.

289.95 Call for Quote.

SEI SPA-100 2 meter power amp & supply

Power supply output: voltage adjustable (3VDC-T4VOC) 10 amps DC continuous current r Amp power output 15 watts in/75 watts out typical, max drive 25 watts, bias selectable, FM or SSB,

399,95 Call tor quote.

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