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This new MFJ-721 Super Selector CW/SSB Filter gives you 80 Hz BW, steep SSB skirts, noise limiting, 2 watts for speaker plus more.

This Hew MFJ 721 Super Selector CW/SSB Filler gives ytni a CGmbmaiion of performance and leaiures available only from MFJ: * Razor sharp BO Hf non-ringing CW filter * Steep Skirt SSB filler * Selectable pea* and "rough notse limiting * Plugs in phone jack • Two watts for speaker • Simulated stereo reception

• Auxiliary 2 watt amplifier, 20 dB gain.

The CW filter gives you 80 Hz bandwidth and extremely steep skirts with no ringing for razor sharp selectivity. Lets you hear just one CW signal on the crowded Novice hands

Bandwidth ts selectable: bypass. 60 110, 150, 180 Hz Response is 60 dB down one octave from center freq, for 80 Hz BW Center Iffjg. is 750 H/ Up to 15 dH noise reduction.

B pole active JC filter. Lnw 0 cascaded stages eliminates ringing Hand matched components

The SSB filter dramaiically improves reao ability dy optimizing audio bandwidth to reduce

sideband splatter, remove low and high pitched ORM. hiss, slatic crashes, background noise, and hum.

Makes listening for long periods pleasurable and less laiiguing ideal far contest and DX.

It active filter includes 375 Hz htghpass cui off plus selectable lowpass cutoffs at 2.5, 2.0. 1.5 KHz {36 dB per octave rollofl}

Switthable automatic noise limiter for impluse noise; trough clipper removes background noise.

For Simulated Stereo, the raw signal goes to one ear and the hllered signal 10 the other. The ssgnal appears in troth ears and the QRM m only one. The ears and brain leject ORM yet ofMrequency cafls can Oe heard, Requires stereo phones

Switch selects one of two rigs, OFF position connects speaker to rig Speaker disables when phones are used. Requires 9 to 18 VDC, 300 ma max 5x2x6 inches Optional AC adapter is

$7 95. Order yours now

Deluxe Super CW Filter gives you 80 Hz BW, no ringing, 2 watts out.

Same 8 pole Super CW Filter as in

MFJ 721 80 Hz BW. extremely steep skirts with no ringing tor razor sharp selectivity. Selectable BW 80. 110, t80 Hz. Center Ireq. 750 Hz. Autwna tic noise hmiter Plugs m phone |ack ko drive speaker to 2 watts, 2x 1x6 in. Requires 9 IB VDC, 300 ma max. Optional AC adapter, $7.95.

These MFJ active filters are the most copied in Industry.


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