The Chronicles Of .76 K6mvh

A noted local amateur recently said to me: LAt least the .76ers had class!51 He was referring to the mid-1960s, when a group known as the i4.76ers" ruled southern California FM with a 'Ntonguenn+ cheek iron thumb.11 That was the pre-repeater eraF when only a handful of hams inhabited two meters and even fewer ma-

chines existed. Over a period of years, the .76ers had developed jamming into an art form. But being jammed was part of being a 76er1 and all on the "inside" looked at it as part of the fun. (The FCC took a far different view, however.) Much of what went on on 146.76 back then was recorded for posterity in a series of articles that appeared in various publications over the years. The series was called "The Chronicles of .76" and was written by Ken Sessions K6MVH. I understand that for anyone interested in knowing what it was like back then, the series is limust1F reading.

The .76ers jammed because jamming was part of being a 7Ger. To them it was not malicious, but just part of their lifestyle. They abided by their own unwritten rules as to who,

In my article "PCs Are Easy5' (December, 1978), line 3 of column 4 on page 271 should better have read: llAfter the full-size positive..."

Brian E. McArthur VE3CGE Brampton, Ontario

There is one minor error in the diagram on page 188 of battery life is approximately 6 hours when monitoring a repeater of normal activity.


All in all, for someone looking for a 2 meter rig they can use portable, mobile, or base, the WE-800 is a wise choice. It has all the features you're looking for in a 2 meter synthesized rig, plus small size. It should provide years of enjoyment. ■

what, why, and how. While outsiders continually chastised them for their actions, they just ignored it ail and kept on having k<fun." You and I would probably have been appalled if we had tuned in on .76 in those days, but our life-styles and backgrounds were totally different and we would have judged what we heard in a different light.

I mention ,76 for a few reasons. First, while you and I might have judged the Jeers' actions to be improper, one clear fact is that they never went out of their way to be malicious in the sense that they would venture away from .76. There were a few occasions, but they were very rare indeed. If you happened to venture into their spectral territory, you were fair game; but if you did not like .76 and stayed away, they could have cared less about you. The only time they jammed a repeater was when one would try to set up Shop on .16/.76. To this day, though many have attempted to establish such a system in the Los Angeles/San Diego rf corridor, not one has ever lasted more than a day or two. The remnants of the 76ers remain a viable force today, still strong enough to keep .76 simplex. They remain very low-key, but are far from having dissolved into oblivion,

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"Build the Brute11 (November, 1978). The gate of the SCR is shown looking at the 8 uF capacitor discharged by a 470-0hm resistor through the 14-volt zener. The anode of 31 should also be connected to the positive output of the supply.

Raymond W. Brandt N9KV

Janesville Wl

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