Trac Message Memory Keyer

Trac Electronics, inc., has in* troduced a new completely CMOS state-of-the-art Message Memory Keyer. Containing ali CMOS integrated circuitry, the Message Memory Keyer contains two-message capacity. Each message has expanded 512-bit memory capacity {50 characters, approximately). The keyer can record at any speed and the messages may be replayed at the same or any other speed, A unique repeat function allows the operator to repeat the message played, as in calling CO. The heart of the Message Memory is a 1024 x 1 bit CMOS random access memory chip. The all-CMOS unit is virtually rfproof. In addition to thedual message functions, the keyer contains both dot and dash memory keying, iambic keying, 5-50 wpm. speed, volume, tune, tone, and weight controls, as well as a sidetone with speaker The unit keys both negative and positive keyed rtgs. Available direct from Trac Electronics, Inc.. 1106 Rand Building, Buffalo. New York 142031 or at most dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Reader Service number T18.

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