Sst T-4 Ultra Tuner

7. Using RL to set frequency and method a or b. set the low frequency limit. Pot PL preset to 1290 Ohms to start.

a, A counter hooked to U32c-8 and set for frequency should read 7 3529412 Hz but few digital counters can handle the low f requencies accurately, so use period and set RL for a period ol .13600000 seconds, b, In the read mode, the readout should display 360 degrees (1360 counts). Check the two extreme settings that produce a 360 degree readout and set ft midway between these points. Going to track should produce no relay puM-in.

8. Return to read mode, and set azim, switches to 180 degrees Push to track mode, and check antennas for pointing due south after rotor stop.

This completes the calibration of the azimuth portion of the antenna control. The antennas can be checked at the cardinal compass points N, E, S, W. N. weather permitting1 by compass. The view from the ground is really accurate enough for most amateur work, anyway.

The new SST T-4 Ultra Tuner Deluxe matches any antenna--coax fed or random wire on all bands (160-10 meters). Use it with your dipole, vertical, beam, etc, It works with any transceiver.

Tune out the SWR on your antenna for more efficient operation of your rig. One antenna can even be used for all bands. The SWR on mobile whips can be tuned out from inside your car.

An easy-to-read two color meter scale provides convenient indication of SWR for easy tuning. A back panel antenna switch allows you to select between two coax fed antennas, a random wire, or tuner bypass.

The SS' T-4 Ultra Tuner Deluxe is compatible with any rig—solid state or tube. It's compact size (9" x 2-1/2" x 5") makes it ideal for mobile, portable, or home operation. Features an attractive bronze finished enclosure and exclusive SST styling.


• Matches any antenna - coax fed or random wire. 1.8-30 MHz,

• 300 watt output power capability.

• Antenna switch on back panel.

• Efficient tapped inductor.

• 208 pf. lOOOv. capacitors for flexible, reliable operation,

• Johnson binding posts. Four SO-239 connectors.

Compare features, quality, and price— SST antenna tuners are your best value. This is our seventh year of manufacturing compact antenna tuners.

Available now at your SST dealer or order direct—information on following page.

P.O.BOX 1 LAWNDALEP CALIF 90260 (213) 37B-5B87

fleatter Service—see page 227

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