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Midland's 13-510 Is One Great 2-Meter Mobile

Midland 510

A/EM/' The 13_510A P-L.L synthesizer delivers 1,200 frequencies between 143.00

and 149.00 MH2 ].. the full 2-meter band, plus MARS.

NEW! The 13-51 OA will operate with up to a 6 MHz split between TX and RX


NEW! The 13-51 OA microphone connector is pre-wired for your Touch-Tone®

encoding microphone. NEW! The 13-51 OA has a 7-pin accessory connector for your Touch-Tone® dial, tone-burst generator or discriminator meter. "Touch Tone is a registered Trademark of ATfiT.

NEW! The 13-51 OA is compatible with available popular CTCSS continuous tone-

coded squelch system accessories.

NEW! The 13-51 OA has 3 transmitter outputs; 1,10 and 25 watts.

Midland s 13-510, with its commercial-type modular construction, earned its reputation as one tough 2-meter FM mobife. Now Midland has made the 13-51 OA an even more versatile performer!

The 13-51 OA P,L.L. synthesizer splits the 6 MHz spread between 143.00 and 149.00 into 600 discrete frequencies, and a 5 KHz up-shift delivers 600 more for a total of 1,200 .,. shown directly on the digital display. In addition, there's access to 4 available offsets for repeater operation on ± 600 Hz with crystals supplied or up to 6 MHz spread with your crystals installed.

Inside the 13-51 OA, there1s a highly sensitive (0.3 uV)h highly selective (-70 dB at ± 15 KHz) dual conversion receiver with dual gate MOSFET RF and mixer stages, crystal filter in the 1 st IR ceramic filter in the 2nd IF, and helical resonators in the RF amplifier.

The transmitter is conservatively rated for 25 watts output^ switchable to 1 or 10 watts for repeaters., and uses direct FM modulation to deliver natural sounding audio.

Other features making Midland's 13-510A the one to look at include automatic protection circuit for the output transistor, internal DC filtering and polarity protection, a deep-finned heat sink for the power transistors, and electronic switching that needs no mechanical maintenance, Mobile mounting bracket, base stand and push-to-talk microphone are included.


receiver, Type: dual conversion superheterodyne. 1st IF frequency: 16 9 MHz. 2nd IF frequency: 455 KHz. Sensitivity: Less than 0.5 uV for 20 dB quieting (0.3 uV for 12 dB SfNAD). Spurious response; -60 dB. Squelch threshold: Less than 0.3 uV. Modulation Acceptance: ± 7.5 KHz. Selectivity: -70 dB at ±15 KHz, Audio output power: 1.5 watts at 8 ohms.

transmitter. Outputs: t. 10, 25 watts. Frequency deviation: Adjustable 3-16 KHz (normal 5 KHz), Audio Input: 600 ohms. Modulation system: Direct FM. Spurious Radiation: Less than -60 dB beiow carrier.

GENERAL. Power 13.8 volts DC, negative ground. Current drain: Transmit, 2 - 7 amps.; receive, 0 0 amps, average. Antenna impedance: 50 ohms. Unit size: 2-5/8" x 6-13/16" x 9-5/8". Unit weight: 6.6 lbs.

Want to know more? See your Amateur Radio Dealer for Midland Quality

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