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426 West Taft Avenue. Orange, CA 92667 (800) 85^-0547. Ca!'forrua residents use: <714| 998-3021

The parameters of Jm Palomar PTR-130k are . the outer perime^rs of logic technology.

Palomar Ptr

Never before has ¡inu transceiver approached the capabimies of the Palomar PTR 130k'

It's the first completely mutti functional transceiver ever made availably to the public!

The Palomar PTR-130k ts a miniaturised mobile transceiver capable of operating in 100 cycle resolution from 100 KH/to 30 MHz in all modes of transmission and reception. Instant frequency selection rs available with the touch ci a finger*

The Palomar PTR 130k.

technotogy is puré space age .

the price is stnctly down to eíirth Send for our fuíl color brochure to:

Palomar Electronics Corporation 665 Gpper Street Escondido, CA 92025 Tdephone: (714) 746 2666

If you expect AhE; to invest in a new ham Vn3H antenna in the next 90 days, VJgJj invest 15$ ^^^ postage to get Antenna Specialists' brand new, complete ham ■ ■catalog today.




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