New Cushcrafthf Verticals

Many hams are convinced that to work meaningful DX they need a couple of thousand Watts and a monster antenna array. While that undoubtedly helps, where Is it written that the ham suffering a money or space cramp can't compete for his day in the DXCC sun?

Three new Cushcraft verticals, the ATV-3, ATV-4, and ATV-5, provide a commonsense sofution to a commonplace problem. Specifically designed for the DXerT these antennas provide the tow angle of radiation necessary for long-haul DX communicaiioa along with the performance and quality long associated with the Cushcraft name. The ATV-3, ATV-4, and ATV-5 operate over the 10, 15, and 20 meter amateur bands1 with the ATV 4 having built-in 40 meter coverage and the ATV-5 all set for complete 5-band operation.

AM antennas feature a built-in PL-259 coax connector and stainless steel hardware for all electrical connections, and are matched to 50 Ohms and rated for a full 2000 Watts PEP. Factory-marked tubing and piain English instructions make assembly a snap.

Built to withstand the severest weather, the ATVs feature specially-designed high-Q traps employing large-diameter enameled copper wire and solid aluminum air-dielectric capacitors. The trap forms are manufactured from filament-wound fibergiass for minumurn dielectric loss and high structure strength. Durabte 6063-T832 aluminum tubing with 0+058" (1.5 mm) walls used for the vertical radiator and the heavy-duty phenolic base insulator ensure long life and durability. All this adds up to an anienna line that comes through winter after winter a winner!

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The Mura Model 85-M VOM muttitester.


The new Mizuho SX-59 preselector from G/lfer

full-color catalog highlighting the entire Cushcraft HF. VHF, and UHF antenna line, write to Cushcraft, PO Box 4680. Manchester NH 03108. Reader Service number C67.

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