The radio

Yaesu 2500


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YAESU ELECTRONICS CORP., 15954 Downey Ave., Paramountp CA 90723

EASTERN SERVICE CTR„ 9812 Princeton-Glendale, Cincinnati, OH 45246

Left to Right

Top Row: VP-150 Dummy load/Wattmeter; SP-101P8 Speaker/Patch; FT-101E 160-10M Transceiver with YC-601B Digital Display/Frequency Counter; FV-101B External VFO; YO-1Q1B Station Monitor; FTV-250 2-Meter Transverter; FTV-650B 6-Meter Transverter; FR-101 Digital 160M-10M Receiver; FL-101 All Band Transmitter

Row 2: FRG-7 General Coverage Receiver; FRG-7000 General Coverage Digital Receiver; FP-301 13.8VDC Power Supply; FT-301 Solid State 160-10M Transceiver; FV-3D1 External VFO; FT-301D Solid Stale Digital 160-10M Transceiver; FP301D 13.8VDC Power Supply with Clock & identifier; YO-3Q1 Station Monitor; FC-301 Antenna Coupler; LL-301 Landliner Phone Patch; fP-4 4A Power Supply.

Row 3: FTV-9Q1 Three Band Transverter; FV-901DM Synthesized Scanning VFO; FT-901DM 160-10M "The Smart Radio ' Transceiver; YO-9Q1 Station Monitor/Analyzer; FC-901 Antenna Coupler; SP-901P Speaker/Patch; GTR-24 World Clock; YH-55 Super Soft headset; YD-844A Hi/Lo Imp. Desk Microphone; YD-146 Hi/Lo Imp. flexible Nock Desk Microphone.

Row 4; FT-202R Hand Held 2M Transceiver; YC-500E High Precision Frequency Counter; FT-227R 2M FM Mobile Transceiver The Memorized; FT-227RA 2M FM Mobile Scanning Transceiver 4 Memory; CPU-2500R/K 2M FM Mobile Computerized Transceiver; FT-7 20W PEP Mobile Transceiver; FT-225RD 2M All-Mode Digital Transceiver; FT-625RD 6M Allmode Digital Transceiver.

Row 5: YM-24 Speaker/Microphone (FT-202 Accessory); YM-2500 Keyboard Microphone; FFDX-50 52 Ohm Low Pass Filter,

Yaesu 500e


1979 Radio

(And 25 watts of power)

Kenwood's exciting 25-watt TR-7625 and optional RM-76 Microprocessor Control you the power you want plus outstanding channel memory and scanning capability.

I ...there's more! The TR-7625 has a lot of versatility for a 2 meter FM PP^fck transceiver and when teamed up with the RM-76 gives you a lot of rig. ^¡¡¡gj^ See the new TR-7625 and optional RM-76 now at any Authorized ft B L KENWOOD Dealer! _____| ;: 1 _ I

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