Model 8100 Frequency Counter Kit

• High Sensitivity

Now you can forget about price performance trade-offs when you select a frequency counter in Sabtronics Model 8100 kit you get all the characteristics of superior performance at a low affordable price.

This frequency counter employing LSI technology, has the performance ana input characteristics you demand: guaranteed frequency range of 20Hz to iQQMHz (10 Hz to 120MHz typical); selectable hi lo impedance; superior sensitivity; selectable resolution and selectable attenuation Plus an accurate time base with excellent stability,

An 8-digit LED display features gate activity indicator, leading zero suppression and overflow indicator. You would expect to find a\\ these features only on high-priced instruments — or from Sabtronics' advanced digital technology.


• Frequency Range. 20Hz to 100MHz guaranteed. (10Hz to 120MHZ typical}* Sensitivity 15mV RMS 20Hz to 50MHz (10mV typical); 25mV RMS, 50MHz to 100MHz (20mV typical)

• Selectable impedance: 1 Mft 2$pF or 50ft ■ Attenuation; Xi , X10 or X100 « Accuracy: ±1Hz plus time base accuracy * Aging Rate i 5ppm yr. * Temperature Stability: ± 10ppm. 0*C to 40°C

* Resolution: 0.1 Hz, 1Hz, 10Hz selectable* Display: 8-digit LED, overflow indicator, gate activity indicator • Overload Protection

* Power Requirement: 9-15 VDC @ 330mA

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Model 2000, 31/2 Digit DMM Kit

The amazing Sabtronics 2000 is the choice of both professionals and hobbyists It's the onty portable bench DMM that offers so much performance for such an astonishing low price.

You get basic DCV accuracy of 0,1% ± 1 digit; 5 functions giving 28 ranges; readings to r 1999 with 100% overrange; overrange indication; input overload protection, automatic polarity; and automatic zeroing

The all-solid-state Model 2000 incorporates a single LSI circuit and high-quality components. Our clear step-by-step manual simplifies assembly Complete kit includes a rugged high-impact case ideal for both test-bench and field use.


• DC volts in 5 ranges: 100 uV to * AC volts in 5 ranges: 100 /iV to 1kV • DC current in 6 ranges: 100 nA to 2A * AC current in 6 ranges 100 nA to 2A * Resistance 0 1Qt o 20MQ in 6 ranges

• AC frequency response: 40 Hz to 50kHz * Display: 0 36'

(3 1mm) 7-segment LED * Input Impedance: 10MLJ * Size 8"W x 6.5,ND x 3PFH (203 x 165 x 76 mm) • Power requirement 4.5-6.5 VOC-4 "C cells (not included).


Special Offer! Save $25.00

If you order both the frequency counter and DMM kits now, you pay only $144.90 including shipping and handling. You save $25.00 off the combined regular low price of S169.90 Order both kits now This special offer good for a fimited time only

Special offer good in USA only

Making performance affordable.

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