Tempo Channel Handheld Transceiver

The amazing pocket-sized Tempo S1 SYNCOM offers the firsl fully-synthesized 800-channel 2 meter miniature amateur hand held Iransceiver, Other units which are larger, heavier, and similarly priced (by the time you add crystals, bat teries, chargers, and antennas) can offer only 6 channels. The SVs price of $349 includes the battery pack, charger, telescoping antenna—and 800 channels!

Top-panel thumbwheels al low selection of the receive frequency to 10 kHz. The +5-kHz slide switch offsets to 5 kHz if desired. Then you have the choice of transmitting simplex, + 600 kHz, or - 600 kHz.

The S1"s separate speaker and microphone are both built-in. Rf output is better than 1,5 Walts nominal. A matching 30-Watt output amplifier is available for mobile or fixed operation. The dual conversion receiver section has a sensitivity of better than 0.5 microvolts nominal for 20 d3 of quieting, and spurious and harmonic attenuation is 60 dB nominal below the earner power level Measuring 2.5' wide x 6.51 long x 1-6" deep. the unit weighs 16 ounces with batteries.

The Tempo SIT is the S1 with a factory-installed 12-button touchtone™ pad ($399). Accessories for the S1 and S1T include the TS-CC heavy leather holster with snapped belt loop ($16), the S30 matching 30-Watt amplifier ($89), the TS-MC cigarette-lighter-piug mobile charger fS6). the TS-HA rubber-coated flexible antenna ($8), and a full line of tone accessories, all types of touch-tone pads, many different amplifiers, and power supplies.

The Tempo S1 and S1T and accessories are available from dealers throughout the US and all over the world. Henry Radio, 11240 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90064; (213b 477-6701 Reader Service number H3.

Morgan W, Godwin W4WFL Peterborough NH

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