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4S7EA runs a Tuesday. Thursday, Sunday sked for the deserving DXer on 14247 kHz at 2330Z, with K9VAL as MC.

TR8AC is shooting for 2,000 QSOs per month with those deserving DXers in need of a TR8 contact, Look for him around 14222 after 2000Z.

Those new 8L2 prefixes are the old VP2L St. Lucia stations signing their newly-gained independence-type calls.

There are stilt two active operators on Johnston Island. KH3AA, the chief electronics technician for the installation there, is on generally once a week, and IKJ6BJ can often be found around 14056 kHz from 0600Z. WH3AAA is reported to also be on the island and trying to upgrade. The New Jersey DX Club has been supplying some needed manpower in an effort to reduce the QSL backlog at 4U1UN. They are having some success, but it never seems to be enough when you are among those in the waiting line.

Congratulations to new ARRL DX Advisory Committee members K5YY, K7LAY, and WGSR, They join holdovers W2XN. N6RJ. WB8EUN. K9AM. W3ZN( N4MM, and Chairman W10T Any complaints or bouquets you have concerning DX should be directed to these deserving ones.

Box 88 is slow but sure. K4IIF, who handles the CQ Magazine awards program, recently received six pounds of cards and applications from Moscow. The applications included 93 for WPX, 27 for CQ-DX, and 17 for WAZ, The round trip for these applications from Moscow averages 18 to 24 months. While we are on the subject, CQ recently raised the fee for the WAZ certificate from $1 to $2.

Apparently they will never run out of new countries. Look for the Marshall Islands, the Patau Islands, and Micronesia to obtain some form of independence by 1981.

Congratulations to WA8MOA, recent recipient of the first "Michigan DX Plaque." for his efforts in the Mellish Reef operation.

The FCC recently raided Brewer Labs in Porter, Oklahoma, and seized some 440 illegal CB linears valued at $200,000. According to a story released by the AP, these amplifiers cause TVI.

The January/February issue of Oceans magazine has an Interesting article on Canton Island, the Auckland Islands, and Palau. Check your library for a copy.

W6KPC just put up a 12-eie-ment 20 meter beam on top of a Sky Needle at the top of a 100* tower.

The International Island DX Net meets every Friday at 0300Z on 14280 kHz. The net is operated by the Whidbey island DX Club Write WB7BFK for more information.

Maurice CaplanT who gave out many a new country contact as VS5MC from Brunei, has retired from the DX wars and returned to England,

KV4KV says no Desecheo activity until the ARRL decides on its country status.

Some big bets are being made among the south Florida DXers as to who will be the first to earn 5BWAZ, The winner will be entitled to use 'The Big Florida Pizza11 on his QSL card.

The Delta DX Association will send a computer-derived beam-heading chart to any DX station free for the asking. Write to Box 73. Metairie LA 70004.

Sometimes a letter to Box 88 will shake out some long-needed cards. Two years ago, K6DT wrote complaining about some overdue QSLs for contacts back in 1972. Now, two years later, the cards have finally come through. Where Box 88 is concerned, it just takes a Jot oi patience and sometimes a (rt* tie prodding.

Word has come through that E. R. "Robbie" Robson 5Z4ERR, formerly VQ4ERR, became a silent key during December.

Chod Harris WB2CHO is in the process of setting up a permanent contest-type QTH in Montserrat, where he holds the call VP2MAY. The station setup will include a five-element quad for 10/15/20 and a two-element quad for forty. He will have three complete operating stations. Chod was with the group which ran up 7.4 megapoints from 9L1CA in the recent CQWW DX contest. In the meantime, between contests, he plans operation from VP1, PZ, 8R, TF, HBO, 3A and other European spots. QSLs goto WA1SQB.

China recently ended their economic aid to Albania, and there seems to be a slow shifting of the Albanian axis toward the west. This opens up future possibilities of a true ZA opera tion by some visiting Europeans.

Don t discard your old Calh books. Many of our DX friends overseas are unable to obtain US or foreign Caflbooks. Send your old discarded Callbooks to WA4JQS, and Tony will mai) them overseas at his expense. He will also advise you of the recipient.

The Long Island DX Association is iooking for associate editors. Contact W2IYX if you are interested in helping out and getting your own byline.

Speak of the Devil, or at least a new country, SM3VE and SM4CNN advise that they have received a license and will activate ZA5A on all bands including OSCAR and 436 MHz the last week in June and first week in July.

There is really no excuse for not having worked KV4, Dick KV4A ran off nearly 50,000 QSOs during 1978. That's better than 100 a day.

The ARRL is petitioning the FCC for Novice privileges in the 220-MHz band. They have also asked for standard FM emission in the 52.0 to 52,5 MHz band.

The February QST carried a feature article on "¡neons," These are devices which combine inductance and capacitance into one component. The ARRL is issuing a news release on these and is canvassing the House and Senate Subcommittee on Communications, The feeling is that incons are helpful in reducing RFI.

TT0KP has been showing on twenty recently. He is reported to be a police officer there in Chad. QSL to F9KP.

Total US amateur licenses as of December 1, 1978, numbered 353t162. This breaks down to 61,000 Novices. 68,000 Techs. 118.0001 Generals, 82,000 Ad-vanceds, and 22,000 Extras, The gain for November was 325. and the 12-month gain was 26,404.

Contesters will be happy to note that K8TMK has filed a petition, RM-3281. asking amendment of part 97 so that contacts of one minute or less will not require an amateur station to identify the station it has contacted. This might work against the contester, since many contest-type DX stations go several minutes without identifying themselves, and the only time you hear their call is when the US station gives it,

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