All Front Panel Microphone And Phone Jacks


PLUS ALL THE OTHER HANDY BUILT-INS: Timed 25 kHz crystal calibrator in OMNl-A with automatic 5-10 sec.<hon" time for easy 2-hand dial skirl adjustment,.. Zero-Beat switch for placing your signal exactly on CW listening frequencies . . . SWR bridge switches meter to read SWR each time you transmit for continuous antenna monitoring *. Separate receive antenna capability .. Dual speakers for greater sound at lower distortion , Plug-in circuit boards for fast, easy field service

ALL-FUNCTIONAL STYLING, "Clamshell" aluminum case clad in textured bEack vinyl with comptemeniary nonrefiective warm dark metal front panel and extruded aluminum bezel and bail. Convenient controls. Complete shielding. And easier-to-use size; 5Vh x4;4 w x 14"U

AND ALL THE OPTIONS: Model 645 Keyer, Model 243 Remote VFO. Mode] 248 Noise Blanker. Model 252MO AC Power Supply

Model S45 OMNI-A $899 Model 546 OMN1-D $1069

Experience the ail-encompassing HF world of OMNL See your TEN-TEC dealer or write for a// the details,



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