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NYE VIKJNG SPEED-X KEYS NYE VIKING Standard Speed-X keys feature smooth, adjustable bearings, heavy-duty silver contacts, and are mounted on a heavy oval die cast base with black wrinkle finish. Available with standard, or Navy knob, with, or without switch, and with nickel or brass piat^d hey arm and hardware.

Pamper yourself with a Gold-Plated NYE VIKING KEY? Model No. 11 4-31C-Q04GP iias all the smooth action features cf NYE Sperd-X keys in a special "presentation" model. All hardware is heavily gold pLdted and it js mounted on ony*4ike jet black pUistic sub-base. Price $50.00

• Model TA-33, 3 elements. t0. 1 dB forward gain (over isotropic source! - $264,00

10.1 dS forward gain (over iso tropic source) - S197.00

• Model MPK-3, 7500 Watts AM CW and 2000 Watts P.E.P. SSR $67.75

• Model mast plate adapter CL-33, 3 elements CL 36, 6 elements CL 203, 3 elements TA-40 KR - 40 meter conversion kit — Si 19.50

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