Highspeed Digital Opto Couplers For Volt Logic Introduced By Motorola

Motorola has introduced two fast, low-cost, digital op-tocouplers for 5-volt logic applications, Designated the MOC5005/6. they offer 7500-volt peak ac isolation and are UL-recognized.

The new high-speed opto-couplers' turn-on time is 225 ns (typical) for the MOC5006 and 420 ns (typical) for the MOC5005, The two devices are TTL compatible and are designed for applications requiring very high electrical isolation, fast response time, and digital logic compatibility. Such applications include in terfacing computer terminals to peripheral equipment, inter facing with microprocessors, digital control of power supplies, motors, and other servo-machine uses.

Designed as a digital converter, the application of current to the LED input results in a low voltage output; with the LED off, the output voltage is high. The circuits are current-, voltage-, and temperature-compensated and will sink an eight-gate fan-out (13mA) from DTL, TTL, or CMOS with an applied power supply voltage of 5 volts and 16 mA applied to the input. The units offer built-in hysteresis and internal putbup resistor and feature low power consumption of 4 mA (typical) @ 5 volts in the ON state.

Delivery is from factory stock and authorized Motorola distributors. Motorola Semiconductor Products IncPO Box 20912, Phoenix AZ 85036; phone (602h 244-6900. Reader service number M20.


Sabtronics International of Dallas, Texas, has introduced a new low-cost bench/portable 3V?-digit DMM that features touch-and-hold capability with anode: I &

an optional test probe. This permits retaining the display's reading even when the probe is removed from the circuit. The model 201 OA DMM provides standard ac, dc, and high/Jow power resistance measurements in 31 ranges.

The model 2010A DMM is designed for current measurements up to 10 Amps (ac or dc), with an ac frequency response from 40 Hz to 50 kHz, and with an input overload protection to 1200 V dc or rms on voltage ranges. A unique feature of this DMM is a "times 10" multiplier switch for convenient setting to the next higher decade range.

Single-chip LSI circuitry is the basis of this compact unit; the display is made up of targe LEDs that read to ± 1999 with automatic decimal point. The manufacturer has incorporated a stable bandgap reference for long-term accuracy and states that typical DCV accuracy is 0.1% ±1 digit. Other features of the unit are automatic zeroing, fuse protection on Ohm and current ranges, automatic polarity, and overrange indication.

Optional accessories for the model 201 OA include a touch-and-hold probe for measurements in hard-to-reach places, a high-voltage probe, rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, and an ac adapter/charger. All are available from Sabtronics,

The model 201 OA may be ordered directly from the man

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