Syracuse-Rome-t'lica NV

!■ rjiur L[i|t' VKU, J COM. Drake, Alias. Den-Tron, Ten-Tcc, Swan* Tempo, KLM, H> Gain, Moslem. Wil%on. Lar>ent Midland South we« Technical Producís. You won't be disappointed with equipTTienl *eTTii"ife. Radio WeiiltJ, Oneida ( outih Akport-Terminil ftuiktint. Ortslm NY 1.^24.33"-^::.

Cleveland OH

mi« oti ¡tout late model or oíd time equipment? We service all rnake^ and modeb. Ratei Ï39.% hr t ;ii[ tm -*nte. CommiíTiica-tirina WnHdh Inc.. 47H* Slur Rd f lectind OH 441OT. 39ft^363.

Scranton PA

ICOM. Bird. CushCraft, VIIF hngineerinK. Acitenna Specialists, barker ik Williamson, CDE Rotators, Nam Keys. He I den, W2AC W2VS, Shure, Regency. CtS touch Tone pnd>t Radio Amateur Callbook*. La Rue tJec-trnriics, 11J1 Grand view M.* Srranlon JHA 343-2114,__

Soudenon PA

Tired of looking at ads ??? Come and iry out new and used equipment >\mr -.1 f - per^Oiul advice from our vtaTr^ 60 year % com hmcd liacn e\periencc. Electronic ltthinyi. 136 N Main Sin, Soudgrtftn PA 18^4. 723-1200._

Houston TX

F.ipenmenier\ paradise1 Fleetroni< nie chanical com pone rn* for com put rr people, audio people, hams, roboi bulttkri, en-perimenterv Open days a Caiemt Fieelronia Inc., 81)32 Ctukrml, ffuu^ltm T\ 770^3. 97M.515._

Port Angeles WA

Mobile RFI ihieldmg for damtitanon of ignition and ailemaiar noises B^^ndinf itrapv CorapOMnis for "do-N-yoLrrrfM" projmis. P!enl\ gf free aJvj« Lsiw t.ntjmFinnjj, M Marine Uri^t, Port \n«eies A 9*3^2. 45". M04w

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