St Rtty Demodulator

Hal St6000

Select Rx & Tx Shifts Accurately Tuned Rx Filters Crystal Controlled Tx Tones True Transceive Operation

Data Status Indicators

Invert Both Rx Demod and Tx Tones

Post-Autostart Pre-Autostart

Correct for Bias Distortion

Correct For Multi-Path Distortion

Autostart with: ° Motor Control ° Mark Hold ° Antispace

Automatic Tx/Rx Station Control with Keyboard Operated Switch [KOS|

Tuning Oscilloscope [Front Panel Controls| Meter Indicator Option Also Available

Why not have the best?

The HAL ST-6000 Demodulator offers outstanding performance, versatility, and ease of operation. The Receive Demodulator features multiple-pole active filters available for "high" or "louT tones. These filters are frequency matched to the transmit tone crystals (or true transceive operation. Input bandpass filters, discriminator filters,and post-detection filters are carefully designed and tested for optimum weak signal recovery, ["he ST 6000 has an internal bop power supply, 2 loop keyers, RS 232, M!L-188Cltmd CMOS data I/Q and rear panel connections to data and control circuits for connection to (JAR ! and computer devices. Use it with the HAL DS-3000 KSR for the best in RTTY performance. $595.00

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